11 Fabulous Bathroom Design Ideas


Bathrooms are areas of the house that see much use as we go about our daily lives. From form to function, there’s definitely something about coming home from a long day at work and spending some quiet time in the tub. However, designing a bathroom can be daunting, and there are a lot of factors to consider in order to maintain the functionality of the space while still adding unique touches that can improve the peace and enjoyment of time spent in it. 

If your bathroom is in dire need of a makeover, or if you simply need a new bathroom for yourself, here are some interesting design ideas to help achieve that fabulous space you’ve always wanted.


1.                   Install mirrored walls. 

When placed strategically, mirrors bounce light throughout the room and can create an illusion of a bigger space in any room. So if you have a smaller bathroom, installing mirrors that stretch along the length of the entire wall could help make the space feel larger.


2.                   Use tiles with a bold color scheme. 

Sometimes, all the bathroom needs is a splash of color to take something ordinary and turn it into extraordinary. In this case, bathroom tiles that have a striking pattern can help create a gorgeous bathroom that you’ll enjoy using.


3.                   Make use of natural light. 

Windows in bathrooms may raise privacy concerns, but there are ways to design them in order to avoid any exposure to the people outside. For example, the use of semiopaque windows can allow just enough natural light while avoiding any problems affecting privacy.


4.                   Add built-in and clever storage solution. 

Built-in alcoves and shelves add a touch of personality to a bathroom and are functional too. Incorporate clever (hidden) storage solutions as well for those items that can be put away to avoid cluttering the countertop and shelves.


5.                   Highlight raw materials.  

If you’re renovating an older bathroom with, say, a brick wall on one side, try exposing their natural state to provide a strikingly attractive backdrop that enhances the total appeal of the bathroom.


6.                   Add in some partial walls. 

Partial walls have the advantage of dividing the bathroom into zones and allowing for plumbing to be concealed. Ideal for large spaces, a lot of planning needs to go into putting up partial divides to ensure all the wastes and feeds are in their proper places. It just won’t do to cause any plumbing concerns, particularly in basement toilets.


7.                   Install a freestanding tub. 

A staple design idea in modern bathrooms, freestanding bathtubs are gorgeous, and they come in unique sizes and shapes as well. To keep the balance of the room’s design, ensure that everything is kept symmetrical in layout.


8.                   Use of timber. 

Timber cladding produces a gorgeous outcome, but this material is rarely used in bathrooms or toilets. As bathrooms tend to be humid, using timber can prove to be tricky. Use them sparingly, and only in areas that normally won’t get wet or come in contact with water. And install proper ventilation! 


9.                   Add in some decorative screens. 

Awesomely designed shower screens are now available to add a pop of beauty to any bathroom that’s in need of a makeover. Choose one that best suits your personality. And if you’re still unsure, just remember that screens don’t need to be plain at all!


10.               Change fixtures to brass ones. 

Brass fixtures tend to show up a lot in luxurious bathrooms, so why not bring some of that luxury into your own bathroom? Change out the faucet and shower knobs. You can also simply add a new brass or copper soap dish as a room accent.


11.               Add some greenery. 

Organic elements in the bathroom gives off a feeling of unity between the outdoors and the indoors. It also softens the harshness of modern bathrooms, thereby creating a more comfortable space where you can unwind and relax. 


Bathrooms can be more than just functional, and they certainly don’t need to be boring. With these fabulous design ideas, you’ll be one step closer to having a gorgeous personal space that can be enjoyed in your daily routine. Which of these ideas are you most excited about?