Crowd Search- Rank Your Websites Using Organic Crowd


Before we try and understand Crowd Search, we need to take a step back (or two, in fact), so that we understand the context correctly.



The Origins Of SEO

Webmasters began to implement search engine optimization (SEO) on their websites. What this meant was they used certain words or phrases (or even numbers) in the text of their websites which would ensure that it came up in the rankings of results. This also seemed to work fine for a few years, with websites seeing impressive surges in their traffic after implementing SEO techniques on their pages. In the interim, search engines had also become smarter, and, for example, greatly improved the quality of their algorithms, which made it possible for them to call out such synthetic improvement of a webpage’s ranking, and would also rank a particular page on the number of organic visitors/clicks on that page, and the amount of time spent there, and the number of navigations done from that page etc. This problem led to a unique solution, or so we thought.

Introduction of Google Search Bots

Some developers created what they called Google search bots. These were not real people, but software programs (lovingly called bots!) which would mimic the actions of a real visitor to a site. So if the user provided a list of keywords to this bot, it would go into the page, and spend the required amount of time on it, click the requisite places/links the required number of times, and even navigate to a few more pages from that page, as desired by the user. This would automatically push the ranking of that page up, because the search engine would be fooled into believing that real persons had visited that website.


Crowd Search

We finally come to Crowd Search, where we started this piece at, now that we have the background. Crowd Search is a program that uses real people (not software programs) to do the same thing. No downloading or installation of software is required at all. With the systematically structured and timed visits from real humans on a particular site, the traffic and consequently the Google rankings of that website improve. This is what Crowd Search promises to do, and many users claim that they already have seen results after using Crowd Search.


Specific Benefits of Crowd Search

Every webmaster is concerned about making his pages or posts go viral. Crowd Search doesn’t require any intervention from you to make your posts or blogs go viral. It ensures that your page gets a high number of real visitors, who not only visit the page but also stay on the pages for more time, and even navigate to some other links through that page. Since search engines ranks are now also about the quality of time spent by a visitor on a page, this automatically helps boost your rankings as well. Speaking of ranking, Crowd Search also helps you keep track of the progress of the rankings your keywords enjoy. You can choose from daily, weekly or monthly tracking of all your keywords and links. And this facility is provided free with each of the campaigns you run. You might be tracking a certain set of keywords, but unknown to you, some other keywords of your page might be raking in the ranks. Crowd Search will point you to those keywords as well.



If you need to keep up in the battle for eyeballs, then you must use Crowd Search for your website. It is designed to do away with the problems faced by bots earlier. It is an organic and real away of generating traffic which actually helps your rankings.