Calm Those Stressful Family Car Journey's

car journey

Now isn’t this one that most of you will probably wish that you could do. Sometimes being in a car is stressful, even when you’re not surrounded by anyone. All you have to do is be in a little bit of a rush, and all of the sudden everyone close to you on the roads is annoying the hell out of you. But all of this seems to be heightened when you have kids in the car with you. Whether it be the noise they’re creating, or the mess they’re making, the journey in a car is just one can’t be rivalled with in terms of annoying situations. But considering most of the journey’s you’ll make on a day to day basis will be with your family in tow, we think it’s about time you had some advice on how to calm those stressful journey’s. It’s not about turning up the music as loud as it will go to drown the sound out, and screaming and shouting back most definitely isn’t going to help. What will help is the tips we’ve got below for you, so keep on reading!

Stop Creating The Stress

Ok, so we bet if you imagine a stressful car journey, you immediately put the blame on the kids, right? Wrong. Half of the time the adults are the one causing the problems, when the kids are only trying to have some fun in the back. It can be so dangerous for the parents behind the wheel to be constantly turning round, or shouting. The thing that will eventually come of it will be a crash, and it can end up so deadly. A auto accident doctor will see so many nasty injuries, simply because parents took their eyes off the road to turn around and shout at the children in the back. So rather than reacting to the noise and the stress in the car, focus on fun. If they’re being loud and playing, turn it into car journey songs. If they’re hungry, make sure you pack lots of mess friendly snacks to keep them occupied. The happier the vibe is that you’re giving off, the happier the journey is going to be!

The Best Distractions

If all you’re doing is ignoring the chaos unfolding in the back of your car, you’re never going to get through the journey being happy. You need to think of the best distractions that you can use, and the best in our opinion is technology. Kids love to watch Youtube videos or movies, so all you need is a little tablet to put in front of them, one each if you have more than one child, and listen to the silence that will follow. Although you shouldn’t rely on technology to soothe them, it definitely is the best option during a car journey.

Rewards Are Your Best Friend

Finally, if you really are feeling the stress, we think that rewards will become your best friend. If your kids have the promise of some food, or to do a certain activity when you get to your destination, they’ll be so much more likely to behave. Plus, a little bribery never hurt anyone!