I'll Dive for You: 10 Gifts For The Ocean Freak in Your Life


Most people know that about 70 percent of the Earth is covered in water. But did you know that  almost 97 percent of that water sits in the world's oceans as opposed to in rivers, lakes, and streams?

You may not have known that. But there's a good chance that someone in your life did. Everyone seems to know at least one person who is obsessed with the ocean and everything in it.

If this person happens to be celebrating a birthday or an anniversary soon, you should know that there are tons of ocean gifts that you can get for them. These gifts will make them love the ocean even more than they already do.

Check out 10 gifts for the ocean freak in your life below.

1. Books About the Ocean

The ocean lover in your life is full of fun facts about the ocean. But the ocean is so big that it's impossible for a person to know everything about it.

Educate an ocean lover by picking up books for them. Some good suggestions include:

Log From the Sea of Cortez by John Steinbeck

The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson

Song for the Blue Ocean by Carl Safina

There is no shortage of books about the ocean out there in the world. Snatch up a few of them and wrap them up together as a gift.

2. Ocean Painting

People who love the ocean want to spend as much time as they can sitting by it, swimming in it, and exploring it.

But unfortunately, most people don't have the luxury of being able to hang out by the water day in and day out. You can make an ocean lover feel like they're by the water each and every day, though, with a beautiful ocean painting.

They'll hang a painting that showcases the ocean up in their living room and spend hours staring at it in amazement.

3. Sunglasses

If you want to get an ocean lover something that you know they'll put to good use on a regular basis, you can't go wrong with sunglasses. Whether you go with a basic pair or customize them, a person will wear them during every trip to the ocean.

4. Underwater Camera

Does the person you're buying a gift for love getting into the ocean and snorkeling or scuba diving?

Snorkeling has become a popular pastime in the U.S. with more than 11 million people doing it every year. Scuba diving has become popular, too, with about 3 million people doing it annually.

Help your pal make the most of their snorkeling or scuba diving adventures by hooking them up with an underwater camera. They can take pictures and videos of everything they come across.

5. Ocean-Themed Charm Bracelet

There are so many different things that are associated with the ocean. From fish and starfish to seashells and the sun, you can outfit a charm bracelet with tons of ocean-themed charms.

You'll allow a person to broadcast how much they love the ocean when they put their bracelet on and wear it around.

6. Aquarium Rocks

Some people like to take their love for the ocean home with them. They set up aquariums in their homes and fill them with fish and other things found in the sea.

If you know someone with an aquarium, buy an aquarium dry rock for them. You can find one that features a beautiful design that'll look great in their tank with all their fish.

7. Sea Salt Sampler

When people think about eating and the ocean, lobsters, crabs, and fish are usually some of the first things that come to their minds. But don't forget that sea salt also comes from the ocean!

If you know someone who loves cooking almost as much as they love the ocean, a sea salt sampler would be a perfect addition to their kitchen. As an added bonus, they might even invite you over for a meal made using their new sea salt collection.

8. Ocean Breeze Candle

Does anything smell better than a gentle ocean breeze? If you close your eyes and imagine breathing this breeze in, it'll relax you and make you feel like you're sitting by the water.

You can give someone the chance to experience this at home without having to imagine it by setting them up with an ocean breeze candle. It'll help them knock out odors in their home and leave it smelling fresher than ever.

9. Seashell Smartphone Speaker

Most ocean lovers enjoy putting their ears up to a seashell and listening to the sound of the waves that come out of it. But those aren't the only sounds they can hear from a seashell.

Believe it or not, there are seashell smartphone speakers that can play your favorite music. We suppose that they could also be used to pump out ocean sounds that are even louder than the ones you hear when you bring a seashell up to your ear.

10. Exotic Sand

Are you taking a trip to a gorgeous beach in an exotic location sometime soon?

Bring a few tiny bottles along with you so that you can bring back some exotic sand in them and use them as ocean gifts. People who love the ocean enjoy looking at and feeling sand that has come from distant beaches that they've never visited before.

Buy One of These Ocean Gifts Today

It's often difficult to come up with gift ideas for adults. But you won't have any problem doing it when you know that someone is in love with the ocean.

There are hundreds of ocean gifts out there that would be ideal for an ocean lover. They'll love whatever you pick out and will use it to develop an even deeper appreciation for the ocean and all the creatures that are in it.

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