As Father’s Day Approaches: Do You Already Have A Gift In Mind?


Fathers day is approaching and people all over the nation will be racking their brains to come up with the perfect gift idea. What DO you get for the man who fathered you? Of course, there are some easily pleased dads out there, just as most dads will be happy with whatever you get, regardless of whether they like it or not. For us, there’s a special feeling from giving your dad the perfect gift, something which he truly enjoys and takes pleasure in. After all, it’s long, hard work to raise a child and your dad has probably put a massive amount of time into providing and caring for you. It would be nice to repay that with a feeling of sheer joy when he opens your gift. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to make your gift extra special.

Buy Lower Cost Items at a Higher Quality

 This is a staple tip for gift givers no matter what the occasion is. It’s tempting to try and go for the most pricey item within our budgets. This usually isn’t a good idea unless you have a big budget because when it comes to gifts, quality is king. For example, if your father is an outdoors sort, he might appreciate a multi-tool or leatherman. However, if you go for the basic versions then it isn’t really a standout gift. In fact, he probably already has one. The thing to do is buy the best multi-tool or leatherman you can find. Most outdoor types would really value the high-end ones but most people would never spend that amount on themselves for something so simple. 

I used this tip myself last year on mother’s day when I bought my mom a set of the best kitchen knives available. She absolutely loves them and they’ve replaced a rag-tag assortment of cheap knives which she’s collected over the last few decades, always buying the cheapest option when one needs replacing. Now she has a quality set to last for a long time. 

Make it Personal 

You probably already know enough about your dad to choose things which match his style. For example, if your dad is very formal, it’s not a good idea to buy a loud Hawaiian shirt. A funny, outgoing dad who appreciates humour may find the Hawaiian shirt much better than say, a formal tie. 

You can also go the extra mile by having gifts personalized. This is available on a lot of items and in all kinds of ways. It could just be the name being printed onto the item, or it could be going further than that, perhaps a message of some form being engraved onto jewellery or a personal picture album. The more personal and thoughtful a gift, the more likely it is to be appreciated. I’ve also used this tactic before, specifically for jewellery. If you want to find out more about personalized jewellery, look here. 

What’s Needed?

Some dads are kind of stubborn and won’t buy the things they need or replace worn out items. Other times they don’t recognize the usefulness of a new product and the impact it could have on their life. See if you can think of anything which would improve your dads quality of life, especially when partaking in their hobbies. Alternatively, think of everyday items like a decent coat or footwear. This is the kind of stuff they might be skimping on just for the sake of it. You could add a lot of joy and comfort by buying a set of work boots for example.