The Top Tips To Get Your Children Sleeping In Their Own Beds

By Expert Contributor Katie Kovaleski

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We recently tackled the importance of putting a stop to “accidental co-sleeping” and are going to follow that piece up with tips on how to accomplish this task in just a few weeks.

Clinical Psychologist Dr. Elaine Ducharme was interviewed recently on the benefits of keeping the marital bed kid-free and breaks down what she considers to be the most important steps to helping your children sleep in their own beds.

Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep

1. Establish a bedtime routine bath, brush teeth, story time, a few minutes of back rub or snuggles and then a kiss goodnight and leave.

2. Leave a nightlight on in the room if your child wants

3. The door can be opened or closed. It is really helpful for new parents to remember not to try to be totally silent when they put their babies to bed. That way children learn to sleep even with conversation in the background.

4. Let your child know how things are going to be. If your child cries let them cry it out. They may scream, try to come downstairs. But just return them to bed calmly.

5. Reward the positive…they can earn a small prize like a sticker for each night they go to bed without a fuss. A slightly bigger prize for a week and then something special for two weeks of appropriate bedtime behavior.

6. Use the same principles for kids coming into your room. Promptly return them to their room. Better to sit with them for a few minutes till they settle down. Use the reward system. Again…2 weeks of parents being able to do this every night and the problem is solved”

Following the tips listed above consistently, every single night, is the key to achieving sleep success. If you need additional help and support, feel free to contact a certified sleep consultant at