The Unbreakable Bond Between a 2-Year-Old Girl and Her Pet Pig

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Most kids ask for a puppy as a pet, but 2-year-old Libby had her heart set on another adorable animal — a teacup pig named Pearl. Lindsey Bonnice brought home the little farm animal as a birthday gift for daughter Libby, and the rest was history. From playtime to nap time, the tiny two are inseparable.

Lindsey of Live Sweet documents their adventures and shares the cutest snapshots of them on Instagram. In one photo, the mother of two wrote that her daughter kept saying, "Thank you, mommy; thank you, mommy!" when she first received Pearl.

According to Lindsey, Pearl loves to cuddle, root, and hide in blankets. As an animal-lover herself, Lindsey also has three dogs, two cats, one rabbit, one tortoise, and two lambs, so it's a full house! The cute and playful pig, however, has earned a special place in her family's hearts. Pearl is Libby's best friend and afternoon teatime companion. For more of their unique friendship, scroll through to watch them play dress up and sip tea!

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