Plan an Unforgettable (and Utterly Darling) Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Egg Hunt Invitations

A cheerful clip-art invitation sets the tone for your Easter gathering.

Print clip art onto card stock. Cut out card, and fold in half. Join the backs of the two halves with double-sided tape or a glue stick.

Print the Easter Egg Hunt Invitation




Easter Basket Tags

Inexpensive baskets are adorned with clip art tags for kids to write their names on, so there are no mix-ups at your Easter-egg hunt party.

Print onto card stock, and cut out. Punch a hole at the top, and thread with string or ribbon. Use open space to write a name on each.

Print the Easter Basket Tags 



Sticker Easter Eggs How-To

You can use any stickers to embellish eggs. Kids enjoy the activity, and stickers offer an easy way to seal a plastic egg or designate special eggs in a hunt.

1/4-inch round stickers (or 1/4-inch hole punch) 
Adhesive sheets 
Flower-shaped craft punch 
Plastic eggs 
Treats to fill eggs

1. For polka dots, use round stickers, or punch circles from adhesive sheets. To make colored dots, use a marker to color in a section of the adhesive sheet, and punch circles from that section

2. Punch flower shapes from adhesive sheet, and use dots for centers. Adhere to eggs.

Chick Beanbags

Yellow split peas have a good texture for beanbags. If using cotton fabric, add a liner so the peas don't show through; with felt, this isn't necessary.

Bean Bag Chick template 
Felt for body and accents (colored cotton fabric can be used for body, in which case white cotton is also needed), 
Disappearing-ink pen 
Pinking shears 
Yellow split peas 
Fabric glue

1. Print the Bean Bag Chick template. Cut fabric rectangles larger than the egg template; you'll need 2 felt pieces, or 2 colored cotton and 2 white cotton pieces. Stack the pieces; if using cotton, stack them as you want them to appear on the finished chick, with colored fabric on top and bottom. Use disappearing-ink pen to trace the template onto the top piece. Stitch 1/2 inch inside the line, leaving a small opening at one end. Use a funnel to fill the shape with split peas. Stitch the opening closed. Trim along the line using pinking shears.

2. For the beak, fold a small piece of felt in half; iron to crease. Place beak template on the fold, and cut out. Use wing template to cut 2 wings. Use screw punch to make 2 eyes. Glue on pieces.

Shell Games

The children settle down at a crafts table after the lawn is picked clean. Inexpensive supplies keep the kids engaged and happy. Washable markers and stickers make it a cinch for even the youngest to embellish eggs -- no messy dyes necessary.




Decorations That Pop

A garland of balloons, dotted with office supply stickers and tied to a length of string, sways in the spring breeze.






Fun by the Dozen

Meant for crafting first, eating second (jelly beans make delicious hors d'oeuvres for a special occasion), the table setting features paper party goods in lemon yellow, a wipe-clean oilcloth table covering, and napkin rings fashioned from candy buttons.