The Mane Event: Reinvigorating Your Hair!


As time goes on, we find it a massive challenge to manage our luxurious locks. Not just this, but the act of shaving becomes a bit of a stressful process, with every gray and white hair that makes itself apparent. Reinvigorating your hair is something we all have to consider at some point, so we can either age with grace, or we can look after our hair better. So, for anybody who has just found their first gray hair, or has a receding hairline, what are the best tips to stop hiding your hair and to make it the “mane” event (sorry)?


Do You Spend More Time On Your Hair Than You Do On Anything Else?

hair care.png

If so, and you find yourself overusing the combs and brushes, it's time to stop using them so much. If you pull your hair too regularly, this will end a contributing to limp strands, which will wear out your follicles. So take the Christopher Walken approach (check the clip below), and use your fingers! How technology has come so far in recent years, with caffeine shampoo, and hair transplants on sites, but if you don’t need to use them just yet, then why should you?


Cut Out The Carcinogens

Do you smoke? If so, the overuse of tobacco will have a devastating effect on your hairdo. Any carcinogens you consume, whether it is cigars or not, will speed up the balding process. And if you want to look older than you already do, continue smoking in this vein, because it will age your skin horribly. Struggling to give up? have a few handy hints!


It's Not Just Shampoo!

Start conditioning your hair. Although shampooing is a habit that you need to get into, especially if you don't do it enough, you can run the risk of over washing it, which is where conditioning comes into play, it will add an extra layer of thickness to your hair, but will leave it feeling silky soft. On the topic of shampoos, it's always best to change your shampoo on occasion and always go for the natural products where possible. One handy little hint, to keep your hair shiny, rinse it in cold water.


Pick Your Products Wisely

You need to make sure that you aren't overdoing it with the products, but you need to pick the right ones. Lots of guys can lay on the air gel and wax thick. But in overdosing on these products, this will build up a lot of grease. It's important to learn about what products are suitable for your hairstyle, from gel, wax, or even pomade. A handy way to hide the impending thinness of your hair is to use ingredients with clay, such as matte products. This will help to pop up your hair a little bit more.


When we hit our early 30s, it is then we start to notice the impending signs of age, but when it comes to your hair, there are some things you can do about it. And here’s the best piece of advice of all, never do a comb-over!