Planning The Perfect Marriage Proposal

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There’s no right way to pop the question – whether you propose on a canal boat in Venice or from the comfort of your living room is up to you. That said, most people want it to be a romantic and momentous occasion. If it isn’t meaningful, there’s less chance that your partner will say yes. Here are some tips for planning the perfect proposal.


Choose the right ring

Your first step should be to buy an engagement ring. Decide whether your partner wants something blingy or subtle and how much you may need to save up. Sites like have a great range to choose from. Those wanting to save money may be able to shop second hand.

The traditional way of presenting the ring is in a box, but there are lots of creative ways to present it such as putting the ring at the bottom of a champagne glass, putting it inside a clam shell or even putting it inside an envelope attached to a card with string. 


Public or private?

 Should you propose with other people around or in a private place? This is likely to depend on your partner’s preferences. If they love PDA and being in the spotlight, they may appreciate a public proposal. If they prefer such events to be kept private, you should probably avoid a public proposal. Private proposals are often the safest bet – other people may apply pressure or even give the game away if they’ve already been informed.


Add an individual touch

 There are many romantic spots where everyone goes to propose – whilst you can follow the crowd, you may want to put your own personal spin on the occasion to make it a more personal event. You could make it a location that’s personal to you two, you could write a poem to go with it or you could find a unique way of displaying the words ‘will you marry me?’ such as displaying it on a public billboard, having it embroidered on clothing on a child or pet, having friends or family hold up a banner or even spelling it out in alphabet spaghetti or scrabble pieces. Sites like offer customised banners to choose from.


Time it right

 On top of making sure you’ve both been together long enough, you want to choose a moment that’s just right. You don’t want to be waiting months to find the perfect moment, however you don’t want to propose after an argument or when you’re rushed for time.


Create a decoy

 Most people want the proposal to be a surprise, which could mean creating a decoy that throws the person off the scent. If you’re throwing a party to go with your engagement, tell your partner you’ve been invited to someone else’s private event and you’d like them to come. You could even create a decoy with the ring such as given them a box with earrings in and then pulling the ring out of your pocket.