Dads Doing Yoga With Their Babies Making A Case For Paternity Leave

Wasa is giving Americans one more reason to envy the Swedes.

Sweden's Wasabröd, known for its crisp-bread snacks, is using its latest ad to highlight one of the perks enjoyed by fathers in Sweden: six-month paternity leave. The video for "Staying Fit the Swedish Way" features daddies doing yoga with their babies as one female classmate looks on in awe.

After she asks why there are no moms in the class, one hunky papa responds: "This is Sweden. We have something called pappaledighet. It's when the daddies stay at home for six months while the moms are working."

"We sent a man to the moon," the woman says. "What a waste, when we could've sent him to the playground as our Swedish sisters do."

Yep. Scott Goodson, the CEO of StrawberryFrog, the company behind the campaign, was inspired to write "Yoga Baby" after traveling to the Northern European nation with a friend who mistook dads for nannies.

"The naturalness of Swedish life, the fit lifestyle and the Nordic mind-set is very different and fun and in many cases inspiring for American men and women," Goodson told AdWeek.

Sweden offers parents a whopping 480 days of paid parental leave, with 60 of those days reserved specifically for the father. About 90 percent of Swedish dads take paternity leave, according to a July article by the Economist.

By contrast, in the United States, paid paternity leave can be as little as one week, if not completely nonexistent.