Tips And Advice For Buying A Double Jogging Stroller

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Often, it is remarked that “the only bad workout is the one that you didn’t do”. Once children are embraced into your life, getting sufficient time to do all those exercises you were doing earlier can be hard. Keeping up with fitness becomes tough.


So what do we do? Despair not, for there are remarkable human-made discoveries which can assist you. Double jogging strollers are one such invention which can involve your babies in your exercise routine while the kids seize the much-needed daylight and outdoor sounds! Furthermore, double jogging stroller can transport both the babies at the same time & will make running comfortable for both you and your kids.


Double jogging strollers are strollers made with a philosophy to encourage parents who are into running & exercise. Therefore, they are made with speed in mind & have frames suited for the purpose. They are different types of double jogging strollers: ones with side by side seating, and tandem strollers in which one seat comes in front of other.


Jogging strollers are distinct from regular strollers. The standard strollers are not equipped for running. On top, jogging strollers are more extensive, have more leg rooms for your paces, and have several other features to keep your babies comfortable even while you jog over uneven surfaces. So here comes a detailed article explaining the features you need to look into while buying double jogging strollers. 


1.    Pneumatic Rubber Tires - Pneumatic means air –filled ones or the tires you get to see in bicycles. Jogging strollers have larger wheels in the back and smaller wheels in the front. The wheels range between 12 to 24 inches in diameter. When large tires ride over bumps or rough surfaces, jogging will be less stressful and requires less pushing. Large tires create less rolling distance which makes long run less effortful which in turn means less stress for babies. For ordinary strollers, they have small wheels which don’t play any role in reducing shocks.


2.    Storage Basket - When you are looking for double strollers, one of the features you need to pay attention to is the cargo space located below the seating. The basket area is also a critical area since the low centre of gravity keeps the stroller balanced and stable while avoiding tip-overs.


3.    Robust Suspension Systems - To lower jarring, jogging strollers should have a capable suspension system. Most of the strollers have rear suspension and a sling style seat to reduce the motion which comes up during running.


4.    Fixed Front wheel – When the front wheels are not fixed, chances for the stroller to be wobbly is high and this in turn makes strong vibrations in the stroller. Wobbliness makes the ride uncomfortable for both the kids and the parent. The stroller can also tip over when the front wheels turn sharply. With fixed front wheels, turning becomes hard. Therefore, the ability to lock the front wheel is a must-have an option for jogging strollers as the feature ensures the stroller wheels track straight and doesn’t shoot off in other directions.


5.    The distance between wheels – Jogging strollers should have a long gap between the wheels. The long gap pushes the front wheel forward and away from the baby’s centre of gravity. In the event of a bump, the front wheel will bounce with less stress transferred to children's bodies.


6.    The number of wheels – Most of the time, three wheels are perfect for jogging strollers with two in the back and one in the front. But then, you can also find strollers with four and six wheels also.


7.    Five-point harness – A harness goes over the shoulders, the hips and between the legs in jogging strollers. The babies will be thus be secured in their seat and will minimise the chances of injury.


8.    Reclined Position - A reclined position is preferable since the impact of the shocks is lessened.


9.    Safety Tether – A safety strap is a strap with one end attached to the stroller and the other end worn on your waist. The fastener can avoid those incidents wherein the roller may roll from you and endanger baby’s life.


10.    Parking Brake – Parking brakes are another essential safety feature needed. The brake can prevent your stroller from rolling away when babies are inside.


11.    Canopy – To protect the baby from UV sun rays and potential headwinds, a canopy is needed. The larger the canopy, the better.


12.    Folding Mechanisms – Strollers should be relatively easy to fold. A secure mechanism can also help to save space in your car’s trunk space.


13.    Adjustable Handle Bar – An adjustable handlebar is handy when the parents are of different height size.


14.    Seat Position – Side by side strollers are more comfortable to manoeuvre, but they can be hard to push through crowded and narrow areas. With tandem strollers, one seat would be enjoying less space and other facilities.


Consider all these features and also your lifestyle and exercise goals before buying. Based on all these, make the right choice by familiarising yourself with different features and then buy.