Horses On Farm: Some Points To Work Out On


Under some legislation, horse is an agricultural animal if you can use to farm the agricultural land or even farmed for hides or meat. Here are some information, which will help you to keep horses for both agricultural and some other businesses but not for non-agricultural purposes like livery stables. You further have to be aware of the animal welfare, safety and health of the horses and horse passport used for international trading processes and identification. Furthermore, if you really want to keep a horse, you need to maintain details on horse manure and even waste management, planning for the livery stables and land use. Moreover, horse breeding, diseases and fallen stocks are some of the other information to look for.

Going for fly grazing:

According to the Control of Horses Act 2015, people are deterred from illegally grazing or just abandoning horses on private and public lands, which is also termed as fly grazing. There are some journals from horse welfare and the rural organizations, which will talk about the guidance on fly grazing horses for private landowners and general public.

As per the Animal Welfare Act:

Under this Animal Welfare Act 2006, wellbeing of the horses will be protected by law. It is always determined to be an offence to allow or cause unwanted and unnecessary suffering. It is always your duty to ensure basic welfare needs of horses just under your ownership and even responsibility. For that, there are some points, which the horse owners have to work on, and learn more about that and the act from TVG.

·         You have to provide the horses will suitable place to live, which can be a housing or living with other animals in a well-maintained farm.

·         The horses should have proper and nutrient filled diets and ensure that they exhibit normal behavior. For that, checking the horse from time to time is mandatory.

·         The animals need to be protected from injury, pain, suffering and any form of disease. For that, keeping the numbers of vets is handy always.

In case the horse is brought and used for agricultural purposes, like working or land, then the welfare applies some of the added legislative requirements in some parts of the world and not everywhere. But, these acts are not applied on horses used for producing some of the pharmaceutical items like antisera and more. For this case, other kinds of rules and regulations are implemented like Animals Act 1986.

Going for the horse manure:

Farmers, who actually keep, produce or even carry waste, are subject to multiple requirements. Well, these points have now been simplified and separate waste management licensing and pollution prevents permitting regimes of past are regulated through some environmental permits and even through some exemptions as set out in Environment Permitting Regulations 2010.

For some more details in this regard, as associated with horse ownership, make sure to be aware of your state and federal regulation first. The points will definitely act in your favor for good.