Bra Shopping After a Breast Augmentation

Surgical Bras.png

Getting breast augmentation is a gratifying experience. Finally, you can feel confident when you look at yourself in the mirror, wear the form-fitting tops you’ve always wanted to buy, and take off your bulky cover-up at the beach. It is an exciting time, but you must remember that good things come to those who wait.

Many women are eager to try on their new fancy underwire bras immediately after waking up from surgery, but that’s a no-no.  According to the website of Dr. Craig Colville who specializes in breast augmentation in Toledo, swelling can linger for up to 2 months after surgery. You want to be sure that your breasts have settled into their new shape and position before you max out your credit card on a bra shopping spree. And keep in mind that each surgeon has his or her own preferences about bras after surgery.


The Dreaded Surgical Bra

Don’t worry, things can only get better from here. Though this may not be the most attractive bra, it is a necessary part of your recovery. Support bras like this should open from the front. They should also be one size bigger than your actual size, so they aren’t too restrictive and accommodate bandages. The bottom should not have tight elastic because you don’t want to irritate your incisions or restrict blood flow. Unfortunately, this bra will be your best friend for about the first month to 6 weeks according to most surgeons, so try and be positive and keep perspective. It will all be worth it soon.


Soft, Supportive, Wireless

Good riddance to your surgical bra. Of course, this may not be the cutest option either, but you are one step closer to your new self. Each person’s recovery is different, but most people can move on to this bra after one month and wear it for a few weeks. The key is that it is supportive, soft, but does not push on your implants. AND NO UNDERWIRES.


Trendy Lace Bralette

After about 6 weeks, you can move on to something that is still soft and comfortable, but has a feminine and stylish edge. This will not irritate your healing incisions and will help you feel better about your appearance. Your swelling will have gone down noticeably, and you are moving into the final stretch.


Down to the Wire

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. After about 3 months (again, be sure to confirm with your surgeon), your breast implants will have had time to settle and swelling will for the most part be resolved. You should have full sensation along the breast skin and your incisions should be completely healed. You can now go to your favorite undergarment supplier and get fitted for your brand-new bras. This is the time to step out of your comfort zone and get a bra that is a bit more fancy or flirty than you are used to. After wearing that surgical bra for a month, you deserve it. 

During this process, remember that everyone recovers differently. Wear what is comfortable for you and have honest communication with your surgeon.  Don’t overexert and skip steps; the better you take care of yourself, the faster you will heal.