Is the beach good for me? You bet! Despite all the warnings about the sun, skin cancer, and dehydration, the beach is still a healthy activity for families. Physically and mentally, there are many health benefits gained by going to the beach as a family. Here are just a few great things about the health benefits of the beach.


Health Benefits of Beach Sun

Sunburn and skin cancer are very real threats to your health. Dehydration causes many health issues. There are also health benefits to getting some sun. The sun alleviates depression and manufactures Vitamin D. Most doctors agree that the sun is a better source of vitamin D than supplements. Aim for 15 minutes in direct sun per day. Bring your umbrella and wear sunscreen the rest of the day.

Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is wonderful exercise. Even the physically handicapped can benefit from swimming on a regular basis. Swimming involves proper breathing and uses most major muscle groups. Water provides gentle movement for proper resistance. Best of all, swimming is fun! It doesn't feel at all like exercise. This alleviates boredom and helps you stick with it.

Health Benefits of Walking in Beach Sand

Ever see those beach joggers? They look to be in great shape. That's because they are getting a superior work out. Shifting sand makes traction a challenge. This causes muscle groups to work harder as they jog. You don't have to work that hard. Just walking around the beach in the sand benefits health. Barefoot is the best way to go for optimum results.

Health Benefits of Relaxation

The human mind and body need rest from time to time. Many people become so involved with getting things done they forget to relax occasionally. High stress levels really make an impact on health. The physical body needs rest to regenerate as well. So bring a book and lay under the umbrella or float freely on the waves. It benefits your health!

Health Benefits of Family Activities

Spending time together as a family strengthens bonds. Children whose parents spend time with them have a sense of security and belonging essential to mental health. At the beach, there are no distractions to keep Mom and Dad from spending precious time with their children. Remember, "The family that plays together, stays together"!

Health Benefits of Sand Castles

The human need to create can be fulfilled on the beach by building sand castles. Sand castle building health benefits for kids include hand to eye coordination and problem solving. How do we put a moat around the castle without the water eroding it? How much water do we need to hold the sand together? Like most forms of art, the health benefits of sand castle building are endless.