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The Magic of Omega 3 for Pregnant Women

The  health of the baby  begins  even before the child was born.  To guarantee the proper development of the growing child inside the womb,  the mother needs adequate nutrition which will especially support the developing biological systems of her baby.  Among the most important ones are protein, iron, folate, calcium, vitamin D and Omega 3.

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Should I Start My Family Before Considering Breast Augmentation?

Many women are eager to have breast augmentation surgery at a young age because they are unhappy with their breast size or shape. I always encourage taking steps towards building confidence, and if cosmetic surgery will help you in your journey, then you should go for it. However, starting a family may be something to take into consideration before getting breast implants. One of the most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation, according to Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Wayne Yamahata, is whether or not to hold off on breast augmentation ‘til after having kids.

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