Spring Is Almost Here And Summer Is On Its Way. Protect Your Hair!


Winter is nearly over, February is here, and most people could not be happier to finally leave the cold and windy days of January behind, to welcome the more spring-esque, longer days which February has in store for us. The sun is going to be showing itself a lot more often than for the past few months, throwing off that winter veil of embarrassment, and revealing itself to the world once again. Now, regardless of you either awaiting the sunnier and warmer days with open arms, or the first thing coming to your mind is to close the blinds so that you may remain in sweet the sweet embrace of the darkness for just a little bit longer. The chances are that you will be exposed to the elements of early summer in one way or another. Surprisingly enough, other than just our moods, one of the main things about us which are going to get affected by the incoming sun is going to be our hair, so without further ado, let’s see what you could do to keep your hair safe during the next few months.


Preventing potential damage to your hair

The winter is rather harsh on the skin leaving it a tad dry, much like your hair. This often leads people to believe that the sun is great for your hair and it can do absolutely no wrong. While that does have some merit, the cloudless and summery skies are going to bring back that beautiful sheen your hair has been missing for the winter months, it is not the only effect. If you happen to be a bit more observant then you’ve probably noticed that your hair gets lighter during the this time of the year as well. This is due to melanin in your hair getting "bleached" by the sun, therefore leaving it lighter than usual. “But then if it’s due to melanin then why does the melanin in my skin get darker from the sun and not lighter?”. Excellent question, it’s mostly to do with the fact that hair is dead, and will remain bleached until it is replaced with newer hair, leaving it lighter for the summer months. The skin on the other hand, is alive, and when the sun is starting to blast away at the melanin there, our body can react accordingly and therefore produces more melanin, leaving us darker than we previously were. Of course, this is the simplified explanation and if you want to read into this in a bit more detail, then feel free to check out this comprehensive post about it.


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It’s not just fun in the sun

While both of these things may seem pretty harmless, you can always have too much of a good thing, and in this case it is no different. Prolonged exposure to the sun can destroy your hair’s outer cover, called the cuticle, leaving it frizzy and dry if left unattended. This is why you should invest in some hair products for the coming months to keep your head protected. There are a lot of products out there, so why not see what people are saying about them at the source of your choice online to make your choices a bit easier. There sure is an overwhelming amount of competition out there on the market, so getting someone else’s opinion who has tested things already can often be a lifesaver for your wallet, not to mention your precious time. Oh, and hair too.