Five Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Berries


Sure, berries are a delicious snack, but did you know they are also super healthy? Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and even gooseberries can help you lose weight, regulate your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, and they can even reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Keep reading to find out three benefits that berries provide to maintain your health.


1. You Can Lose Weight...With Raspberry Ketone

It’s not the entire raspberry, but the chemical in raspberries that give them their tart smell called raspberry ketone aids in weight loss. Take raspberry ketone as a supplement and you’ll see how quickly you can lose weight. Ketone speeds up your metabolism, which helps you lose weight by burning off stored fat cells faster. Your blood sugar is also regulated from ketones, which curbs your sugar cravings and helps you feel fuller longer. Eating less and snacking less will definitely help you lose weight. The best part of this supplement is the ingredient adiponectin, which burns fat cells even while you are not exercising! To find a great supplement, make sure it contains at least 1,000 mg of raspberry ketone; anything less would not be as effective. Check out  Authority Health to read reviews of different supplement products so you can choose the best one on the market.


2. You Can Get Your Daily Dose of Antioxidants

Berries are full of antioxidants, which protect your cells from damage, and provide your body with beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. Antioxidants are key to your cell health, from your skin to your brain. You can eat berries either fresh or frozen and still gain the same benefits from them. You want healthy, growing cells so that:

●     your brain functions improve

●     your heart rate is regulated

●     your immunity is boosted

Boosted immunity means you won’t have to worry about catching a cold or the flu, as your body’s immunity is strong. Your brain functions are elevated, included your memory and concentration, so you will excel at school or work. And a regulated heart rate means low blood pressure and low cholesterol, which helps prevent heart disease.


3. You Can Prevent Alzheimer’s

Berries contain a chemical “resveratrol,” which:

●     Acts as an anti-inflammatory

●     Lowers your blood pressure

●     Prevents clogged arteries

●     Boosts memory

●     Cleans out protein buildup in the brain

Brain cells can’t be regrown; once they die, they are damaged forever, which is the cause of Alzheimer’s. The cause of cell death is inflammation and protein build up, so grab a handful of berries and enjoy knowing you are protecting your brain. Although there are no definitive studies, they can see the connection between resveratrol and anti-inflammatories with prevention of Alzheimer’s.


4. You Receive Fiber

Berries are also a great source of fiber. Fiber helps regulate your bowels, so if you’re constipated, you have a quick cure. Fiber also lowers your risk of heart disease and diabetes. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Berries are a source of insoluble fiber, which regulates your system and helps people who have constipation or irregular stools. 


5. You Can Eat A Delicious Snack

Besides all the healthy reasons and nutrients berries contain, they are also simply a sweet snack. If you’re craving cookies or candy, replace your sugar cravings by eating a couple handfuls of berries. Not only will your craving go away, your body will thank you for the added vitamins as well. Berries are great  by themselves, but they also can be added to salads, parfaits, and desserts for an added healthy punch.


Berries are the Best

After reading these five reasons to eat berries, perhaps you’re craving some right now. Not only are they delicious and sweet, they aid in weight loss, stimulate your brain functions and help with heart health. Studies have even shown they can help prevent Alzheimer’s. Add some berries in your life to benefit from their awesome nutritious value.


About The Author: Carolyn Green

Carolyn is 28 years old and likes to practice yoga and meditation. She is currently studying for her Masters in Kinesiology, so health and fitness are key in her studies and her life. She lives in Colorado.