5 Signs That Your Doctor Is Doing You More Harm Than Good


Let’s face it, no matter what profession it is, there will always be lesser-skilled and even malicious employees that would put their careers to shame. We’ve all heard of angry taxi drivers, rude bus drivers, disgusting chefs and clueless doctors. Sadly, when it comes to our health and monitoring our wellbeing, doctors need to be well-trained and have the compassion to help patients.

Your doctor may be helping you with minor symptoms, but do you think you could get a better service? The last thing you want is to be forced to hire medical malpractice lawyers because your doctor gave you the wrong diagnosis or withheld important information that caused you to become extremely sick.

To help you decide if your doctor is right for you or not, here are 5 signs that they’re doing more harm to you than good.


1. Your doctor speeds through your appointment

 If you’ve been sat waiting an hour for your appointment but end up being pushed through the system to only see your doctor for roughly 10 minutes, then you have every right to be upset. Sometimes it’s not the doctor’s fault because they’re being asked by the management team to spend less time on patients, but if it feels like your doctor is forcing you through the system and rushing your appointment, then it might be time to switch.


2. Your doctor is always vague and never gives technical details

 Imagine going to an appointment and telling your doctor about your painful joints. There are many different conditions that could cause your joints to be painful, but if your doctor over-generalises it and says “it’s just due to old age” or “you’ve been working hard lately, that’s the reason” then it’s either a sign that they’re incompetent or withholding information. If you feel like you never get the full story, then perhaps you should switch to a doctor that can.


3. You don’t actually like your doctor

 You and your doctor are a team, so if you don’t actually like being with your doctor then it’s a clear sign you need to change. Perhaps they’re rude, maybe the way they speak is condescending or perhaps you just don’t feel safe in their hands. Whatever the reason, make sure you mesh well with your medical professionals.


4. Your doctor refuses to refer you to other departments

 If you show concern about a possible illness or condition but your doctor refuses to refer you to another department, then it’s a clear sign they’re just being lazy. Lazy doctors can cause a lot of trouble with their patients, so ditch them as soon as possible unless they have a valid reason for not referring you.


5. The overall service in the medical centre is bad

 Does it take forever to get an appointment? Are the staff incredibly rude? Do you feel like you’re being ridiculed everytime you enter the medical practice? Those are all signs that you should leave and seek a better service elsewhere.