DIY Foam Letter Ribbon Stamp


This adorable stamped fabric ribbon was created by Meghan from Happiness is Creating. Such a great way to customize a gift for any occasion.

Supplies: sticky foam letters, one sheet of foam, a rubber eraser, an ink pad, 1/8 yard of muslin fabric, scissors, and super glue.

1. Place your stickers on your sheet of foam, spelling out “YAY” or whatever other message you have. (Note: You will need to use all capital letters in order to have your message stamp the correct way.) Next, use your scissors to cut around your letters, making sure you don’t cut through the foam between your letters.

2, Apply super glue to the foam behind your letters. Glue the foam to the eraser. Let the glue dry.

3. Grab your muslin. Take your scissors and make one cut an inch from the edge of your fabric and an inch down. Next, take the two open sides and rip the fabric all the way to the bottom, completely separating the fabric.

4. Make another cut an inch away from the edge you just ripped and an inch down. Once again, rip your fabric tearing it until you have a fabric ribbon. Trim/remove any loose strings.

5. Take your stamp and press it into your ink pad. Press it a few times to make sure you have enough ink on your stamp. Press your stamp onto your fabric, starting at the end. Ink your stamp again and press it onto your fabric an inch away from the “YAY” you just made. Repeat this until your entire ribbon is stamped.

Wrap your package and enjoy!

You can take your wrapping decoration one step further and stamp a blank white card to match. Stamp “YAY” all over the front of your card starting at the top, working your way down.


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