Michael Jackson's Kids, Four Years After Dad's Death: How Are Prince, Paris and Blanket?


When Michael Jackson suddenly, shockingly died on June 25, 2009, he left behind three kids whom no one knew very much about.

Quite the achievement, when you think about it.

Considering the public's knowledge of Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson Jr., Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II (aka Blanket) was limited almost solely to photos of the older kids wearing masks alongside their eccentric father and dad extending baby Blanket over the rail of a balcony, it must have been quite the shock for all three when they were thrust into the spotlight—where they've more or less stayed for the past four years.

And how are they doing today?

• Prince: Jackson's eldest son is now 16 and, along with his siblings, has been living with grandmother Katherine Jackson since his father's death. Cousin T.J. Jacksonnow shares custody of the trio. Prince has just recently started dabbling in the entertainment business, logging time as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and showing up on 90210. In further all-grown-up news, he has a car and a girlfriend, Remi Alfalah.

• Paris: She created an indelibe moment at the public memorial-concert extravaganza for her father when the then-11-year-old informed the packed house and those watching on TV: "Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him so much." That was her first time speaking in public. Still hospitalized after a reported suicide attempt, the now-15-year-old Paris is now the one most visibly still dealing with the trauma of her dad's death. Despite brother Prince's lack of interest in a relationship with their birth mother, Paris has been actively rekindling a connection with their mom, Debbie Rowe—a need on Paris' part that has caused a rift between her and her brother. She is said to be feeling better, but she is battling depression and family sources have said that she has a ways to go as far as treatment is concerned.

•Blanket: Spotted recently mainly in the company of his big brother, Jackson's youngest child (birth mother unknown) seems to be doing fine. Having come a long way since that balcony in Berlin, the 11-year-old has been with his siblings, grandma and other family members at TV tapings, concerts and Jackson-related appearances. He attended his cousin Taj Jackson's wedding on June 16 along with Prince, Katherine, grandfather Joe Jackson, Aunt La Toya Jackson, uncles Tito andJermaine and more. "Blanket was really outgoing, but he only talks to the people he's close with," an insider told E! News after the event.