Apple Looks Set To Launch A Larger iPhone, And Cheaper Multicoloured Models


The Internet is constantly buzzing with rumors regarding Apple and what they have coming out next. And here are some more of those rumors.

According to Reuters, and their knowledgable sources, the iPhones could see screen sizes of 4,7 inches (approximately 10 centimeters) and 5,7 inches (nearly 13 centimeters). There are also the persistent talks of a cheaper iPhone that would retail for R997 and also be availbale in an array of colours.

These rumours are supposedly “under discussion”, so at this point it is anybody’s guess as to whether they will make it to the market or not. The colour palette would certainly be a different move for Apple who are known to have limited colour options.

 The screen size ranges would also be a departure from the company’s current 3,5 inch (about 7,6 centimeters) screen for the iPhone 4S and 4 inche (a little over 10 centimeters) screen for the iPhone 5. But these changes have not been confirmed.

A source told Reuters, “The company is constantly changing product specifications almost to the final moment.” Until Apple launches their next iPhone, these changes are just guesses