20 Fun Costume Ideas for Teens


Not very creative? That’s ok; it’s especially hard when you juggle multiple things throughout the day. Thinking of cheap and fun costumes for you or your teen is probably not number one on your priority list. Here are some ideas that you can use or at the very least inspire your creative process. This is not saying to completely take over your teenager’s costume, it is important for them to be creative during this time to come up with things as well. Throw some of these ideas out there, and see what they come up with.

  1. Holy Cows” – this is a cross between a cow and an angel. This can be cute, fun and does not empty your pockets.
  2. Ceiling Fan”- Pick up a plain white V-neck shirt and markers, write on the front of the shirt “Go Ceilings!” and on the back “Ceilings are #1!”
  3. Toddlers and Tiaras”- Get a pink tutu, a pacifier, sash and rattle. Wear a leotard under the tutu.
  4. Bag of jelly beans”- You only need a clear plastic garbage bag along with assorted colored balloons. Poke holes in plastic bag, step inside and blow up your balloons filling the plastic bag around your body to give the impression of a bag of jelly beans.
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”- This has always been a favorite of teenagers across the country for years.
  6. Morton the Sea Salt girl”- Take a look at the Morton Salt container everyone recognizes her with her yellow rain coat. Carry the container around while dressed just like her.
  7. Rock, Paper & Scissor” – A group of three, can be each one of rock, paper and scissor of the familiar childhood game.
  8. Cereal killer” Mix fake blood and cheerios, instant unique costume.
  9. An IPod commercial”- dress in all black from head to toe while carrying around a bright neon colored background of your choice strapped to your back.
  10. Old Spice Man”- Towel, sweater and Old Spice body wash.
  11. 80’s Workout Instructor”- leggings, leg warmers, head band, running shoes and leotard. 80’s music optional.
  12. Zombie Clown”- easy and fun to interoperate however you like.
  13. Queen of Hearts” A red and white dress with cutout cardboard colored hearts added. You can also carry a long staff with a heart at the top.
  14. Indiana Jones”- Classic and always a good choice. You will need a brown shirt, khaki pants, brown jacket and hat. If you don’t have a brown shirt you can always die a white one with tea bags.
  15. Pretty Little Liars” If you have a teenage girl, I am sure she has heard of the show Pretty Little Liars. Her and her friends can each dress up like different characters from the show.
  16. Piñata”- Use a glue gun over a small old dress gluing layers of streamers to it. Pick your animal
  17. Loofah”- Using an old dress, take tulle and safety pins to your dress.
  18. Katniss or Peta from Hunger Games”- I’m sure this will be a big costume choice this year for Halloween 2012, especially with teenagers.
  19. Little Dead Riding Hood”- This is a different interpretation of the boring Little Red Riding Hood and making it look like she was attacked by the big bad wolf.
  20. Nerd”- Hand’s down the easiest costume to make. Wear your clothes too tight, button all of your buttons up high, and hike your khakis up above your ankles. Top it off with gel in your hair and a pair of dark rimmed glasses taped together.

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