The 7 Biggest High School Misconceptions


Thanks to cheesy movies and cliche pop songs (love you Taylor Swift!), we all had our ideas about what high school was supposed to be like before we got there. But how much did it actually live up to your expectations?

Read 7 major misconceptions people have about high school, below, then tell us: What do you think people get totally wrong about HS life? Sound off in the comments or tweet at @ELTTeenTalk!

1. The books you'll have to read for class are boring. From "Catcher in the Rye" to "The Hunger Games," you'll probably be surprised by how awesome some of your English class reads will be in high school.

2. If you're a freshman, a senior will eventually stuff you into a locker. Most upperclassmen don't actually have it out for younger students. Also, you probably don't fit in your locker, anyway. (Kidding!)

3. Friday night football games are the major social events of the weekend.While sporting events can be a fun way to show school spirit, they're not going to be the end-all-and-be-all of your social scene.

4. If you get Saturday detention, it will be like "The Breakfast Club."Weekend detention is going to be exactly as painful as any other kind of detention. Sorry.

5. The cafeteria will look like the one in "Mean Girls." Also, Regina George doesn't exist in real life. We promise.

6. You will only have one group of best friends who will do everything together. Here's the truth: most likely, your friends are going to change -- every year. You might not even find people who "get you" until college, and that's totally fine, too.

7. Your GPA defines you. Your success as a student does not have to revolve around your report card. If you're enthusiastic about a club, student leadership position, sport and any other hobby -- stick with it. These non GPA-related interests will help define you throughout your HS career and beyond.