Make A Fab Button Bracelet!

This adorable little bracelet is fun for all ages Using miscellaneous buttons and bead to form a pretty pattern, you can create spring-time fun to wear with lots of outfits.  If you sew, you can use the same buttons from a new outfit to put in the bracelet!You can put any amount or pattern you want!!!

What you'll need

A collection of buttons and beads that coordinate nicely together 
Clean white towel for laying out beads 
Jewelry string 
Crimping beads 
End closures 
Spring clips 
Needle-nose pliers

How to do it

Lay out the beads and buttons in an attractive pattern.
Cut approximately 16 inches of jewelry string.
Securing one end of the jewelry string with a spring clip, string beads and  onto string, leaving room at each end for adding end closures (about four inches on each side.)  With the buttons, simply come up from the bottom on one side and go down through the other side.
Adding the closures:  String a crimping bead onto one end of jewelry string, string one half of the closure, and then bend the wire, coming back down the opposite way, through the crimping bead. Have an adult crimp it tightly with the needle-nose pliers.  
Secure the other half of the closure on the other side, using the same method.  This should create a nice, snug clasp.  Snip off excess string from each end.

Easy! enjoy!