Five Different Types of Baby Cots For Newborns


There are different types of baby cribs for infants available in the market today. This makes it quite a challenge for parents to choose ones that is best for their baby. Before making a choice, you should determine what you really desire in a cot, and how you intend your baby to sleep. It is advisable that you purchase a cot that your baby will use until they are ready to move to their own bed, or you can purchase several beds as the baby grows. Whatever cot you choose, it should provide your child with the comfort that he/she needs.

Convertible Cribs

Convertible cribs are also called lifetime cribs because they have the ability to adjust the mattress height in the cot. In addition, it eventually becomes a toddler bed for older infants, and can ultimately be used as a day bed. Convertible baby cribs tend to be more costly compared to other types of cribs. However, they will adapt to the age range of your child until adulthood, which makes them a great investment.

Round cribs

Round baby beds are a new style that is ideal for a room that has limited space. This is because it offers the child an additional playing space that they can use as they grow. Round cribs are uniquely designed and they have a modernized and classical appearance, complete with canopies and posters. When you invest in round cribs, you will need round accessories, for example, round mattress, round bumpers, and crib beddings. These bedding supplies tend to be more expensive compared to the standard sheets and beddings for cribs.

Canopy Cribs

These types of cribs are referred to as canopy because of the canopy that is found on top of them. Canopy cots are quite popular because they are comfortable and offer a cute and cozy environment for the child to sleep in. Furthermore, the canopy gives this crib a unique appearance that will make you fall in love with the design instantly. Make sure that you remove the canopy when your baby is about four months old because he/she can easily hang on it and fall.

The Sleigh Crib

The sleigh style crib is increasingly becoming popular, and it is designed to appear like a sleigh. Sleigh cribs have a unique design that will boost the curb appeal of your nursery. Most sleigh cribs are manufactured using solid footboards and headboards instead of the customary slats. As a result, these solid wood pieces make them more expensive than most standard cribs.

Drop-side cribs

Drop-side cribs were quite popular for many years. This is because of the drop side that makes it easy for parents to get their babies in and out of the crib. Most parents find the ability to lower part of the rail quite convenient and friendlier to their backs. However, the drop-side crib may not be safe for kids because it can result in injury or even death if the child falls off the cot.

There are different designs and styles of baby cribs to suit the needs and desires of every parent. Take time to research on the internet for the different designs available. This will help you make an informed purchase. Irrespective of the crib that you eventually buy for your baby, safety should always be your first priority.