Top 8 Unisex Names


Not all supposedly unisex names are created equal, but these 10 stay true to their word and sound equally awesome when used for a girl or a boy.


A little bit hip and a little bit cute, Riley has remained a favorite name choice of parents for boys and girls alike, as evidenced by its constant presence in the Top 150 (for both genders.) This name meaning “courageous” doesn’t appear to be heading one way or another anytime soon.


From actor Hayden Christensen to actress Hayden Panettierre, Hayden is one of those rare unisex names that’s almost equal in its popularity between genders–and it’s not hard to see why. It’s got that trendy last-name-turned-first-name vibe combined with the super popular “-den” ending that parents seem to be flocking towards.


Celeb chef Jamie Oliver and actress Jamie Lee-Curtis are just two famous figures embracing their unisex moniker. Although Jamie is starting to lean more female than male, it’s still a perfectly acceptable name for a strapping young lad.


A gentle and old-fashioned name meaning “meadow”, Lee isn’t anywhere near the top of the popularity charts (which may be appealing to some), and is being adopted more and more as a middle name instead. Nonetheless, this name is still well-suited for both boys and girls.


Sydney is on fire lately (albeit, mainly for the girls), but we think it’s still an awesome name for a son as well.


While it’s always been a popular boy name, movie star Cameron Diaz first put this name on the map for girls, and now, Cameron has become a bonafide unisex name. While its meaning of “crooked nose” isn’t exactly the most charming (or, is it?), it’s a name that’s got loads of character, and we all know that’s all that matters, right?


A dash of hippie and a dash of chic, Skyler is equally used for males and females. As an added bonus, it comes with the super-cool built-in nickname of Skye.


From country superstar Taylor Swift to Twilight actor Taylor Lautner, this English occupational name meaning –what else–”tailor,” is everywhere right now.