Shakira Opens Up About Her Second Pregnancy

Cambio: When it comes to expanding her family, it looks like Shakira is just getting started. 

After she confirmed in August  that she is expecting her second child with boyfriend Gerard Pique, her mother revealed she is pregnant with another baby boy. Once the Colombian songstress delivers their son though, Shakira is hoping to try for a baby girl.

"One thing is what you want and the other is what you can do," Shakira reportedly told Spain's Europa Press a laugh. "With Gerard I'd have 20 children but I don't think I'll have the luxury to do it. For now we're going for the second one, we'll see what happens. We'll see if one day we get a girl. We'll see!"

 Instagram,  Shakira

Instagram, Shakira

In the meantime, the superstar singer is enjoying her pregnancy, telling the outlet everything is going smoothly and she's "lucky to have good pregnancies."

"Now that I'm pregnant I'm trying, for the first time in my life, to not do so many things at the same time," Shakira told Europa Press (via Huffington Post). "Although, it's always difficult and issues get in the way even when you don't want them to. But the majority of the time I do dedicate myself to taking care of my belly, my pregnancy, [and] of Milan."

Shakira is planning to move forward with her career once she and Gerard welcome baby no. 2, though. "Next year, I think after the baby is born, I'll start producing my new album. A Spanish album, which is what has me most excited right now," she continued.