The Cutest Baby Names To Avoid

Girl names that end with the "ee" sound

The cutest baby girl names are those ending with long E sound, which is spelled in a variety of ways: -y, -ie, -ee, -eigh and more. Unfortunately, that cuteness factor tends to hang on way past childhood. Is it possible that some girly names are just too cute?

Abby, Allie, Annie, Ashley

Bailey, Blakely, Braylee, Briley, Brinley, Britney

Callie, Carlie, Casey, Charlee

Destinee, Dixie, Ellie, Emmy, Evie

 You Want To Avoid Names That Won't Be Taken Seriously In Your Child's Teen Years To Adulthood

You Want To Avoid Names That Won't Be Taken Seriously In Your Child's Teen Years To Adulthood

Finley, Gracie, Hailey, Hattie

Jaycee, Jaylee, Jenny, Jessie, Jolie, Josie

Kailee, Katie, Kelsey, Kenley, Kensley, Kenzie, Kiley, Kinsley, Kynlee

Lacey, Lexie, Libby, Lily, Litzy, Lucy

Maci, Maggie, Marley, Mattie, Miley, Millie, Molly

Raylee, Ryleigh

Sadie, Tiffany, Tinley, Zoey

Girl names that get no respect

Can a girl — no matter how learned or professional she is — be taken seriously if her name is Daisy? These names, actual names from the Social Security Administration's list of the nation's most popular, are off the cuteness chart:

Amber, April, Asia, Aspen, Autumn, Azalea

Brooke, Brooklynn

Charity, Cherish, Cheyenne

Dallas, Diamond, Faith

Harmony, Haven, Heather, Holly, Hope

Jazzlyn, Jewel, Journee, Juniper, Justice

Kadence, Kennedy, Krystal

Liberty, Londyn

McKinley, Meadow, Melody, Mercedes, Miracle

Nova, Paislee, Paris, Patience, Phoenix, Piper

Reagan, River, Sage, Serenity, Skyla, Summer

Temperance, Trinity, Willow, Winter

Going straight for the boy's nickname

To prevent confusion with family names like Robert Jr. or John III, more and more parents are going straight for the nickname. Names like Bobby and Johnny are among the nation's most popular, but can they stand the test of time?

Instead of putting a cute nickname (e.g. Charlie, Danny, Jimmy) on your son's birth certificate, consider giving him a name he can grow into (e.g. Charles, Daniel, James):

Benjamin: Benji

David: Davy

Donald: Donny

Edward: Eddie

Frederick: Freddie

Joseph: Joey

Martin: Marty

Richard: Ricky

Samuel: Sammy

Steven: Stevie

Theodore: Teddy

Thomas: Tommy

Timothy: Timmy

William: Billy or Willie

Boy names that might not be taken seriously

Where boys are concerned, it's not just nicknames that might be considered "too cute." Some of the trendier baby names for boys (Aiden, Braeden, Caden, Hayden, Jaden, Zayden) might not translate into names that suit a grown man, such as these monikers from the Social Security Administration's Top 1,000 Baby Names for 2012: