Advances in Fertility Treatment We've Already Seen: What's Next?

There are so many medical advances in the world these days. We are living longer lives, and that has got to be down to an increase of knowledge and medical intervention. In terms of pregnancy and all things baby, then advances in medicine are a massive benefit. Pregnancies that might not have lasted decades ago are now able to be seen right through until term because of the technology and advances that we have now. But what are some other ways that medical advances have helped us?



Take choosing the sex of your child, for example. Would our ancestors have ever thought that it would be possible to one day be able to have 99.9% reliable baby gender selection available to us? Advances in fertility treatment allow doctors to now recognize male and female embryos so that people that choose to, can select the gender of their baby. Regardless of your opinions on the matter and if you would do it yourself, it must be admitted that it is a pretty amazing thing to be able to do. For some, it can help to stop passing on sex-linked disorders to another generation.

As well as this, there are other ways to check that your baby is growing well, mostly through the advances in fertility treatment. Take something like preimplantation genetic testing, as an example. This is a procedure that can be done as part of your fertility treatment where some cells are taken from the embryo to test for chromosome or genetic disorders. These kinds of thing may be picked up in traditional pregnancy scans, but they won’t always be definitive. So if you are a carrier for a genetic or chromosomal disorder, then this might be something you want to consider, to check if it has been passed on.

For whatever reason, more and more women are finding it harder to get pregnant than ever before. Plus, with more same-sex couples wanting children, advances in fertility treatment are just getting more and more amazing. Only a couple of years ago, we heard about an Australian woman that had to have both of her ovaries removed due to cancer. But with the quick thinking of the surgeon, some tissue was saved. This was frozen, implanted years later, and she has now been able to have children! Things like that really are amazing to hear!

Women are also becoming mothers for the first time at an older age. This was often thought to be more medically unsafe for both the baby and the mother. New data has actually shown that healthy women aged over 35 are only six percent less likely to get pregnant within a year, than those aged under 35. So as long as you’re taking care of your body and keeping well, we can have children older than before.

So as you can see, advances in technology and medical procedures can help more and more of us have children. Have you got any experiences or stories related to this that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!