The PreGender Preconception Test: A New Way To Conceive A Boy Or Girl

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For generations, couples have been wondering as to why some families end up getting more boys or more girls.

If you Google ‘choose baby’s gender” you will find numerous ‘hit & try’ ways that have been tried but failed -from books, calendars, diets, diet plans, by drinking baking soda water or lemon juice, managing fast / slow moving sperms, moon phase or astrological theories, douching before the act, even  adding lime juice to sperms and self-injecting them for in-home conception!

Well, there is no need to rely on any guess work. Here’s the real scientific method to successfully get the baby boy or girl.

At Urobiologics they have been working passionately over the last 32 years focusing on the idea that women must have a role in the gender of her baby and that the man’s sperm need not be responsible for doing everything. Well they discovered something unbelievable and almost magical – but scientific!

1. Women have gender specific menstrual cycles. One cycle is good for conceiving a boy, the next for a girl.

2. This specificity alternates so that in one cycle she is ready to conceive a boy and in next a girl

3. Just like women stop menstruating after conception, they stop alternating as well, as long as that baby is there. This is a new medical discovery.

4. It is the hormonal environment of the uterus that appears to have the power of sort and select X & Y chromosome bearing sperms. They think it is reasonable to assume because 92% of couples (n=300) who conceived in appropriate cycle, have gotten the babies they planned for. It is this aspect which is going to be a medical miracle.


Over many years, numerous companies have attempted to estimate the quantities of sex hormones in body fluids and tried to relate with the gender of the baby. They failed because of 1) varying hormonal concentrations and 2) overlapping values.

However, instead of measuring quantities of hormones, Urobiologics relied on their chemical properties. It was surprising to note that women have alternating chemical environment between two consecutive menstrual cycles. A conception occurring in oxidizing environment due to hormones, mostly leads to boys and that occurring in reducing environment to girls. That is why at Urobiologics they say she is ready to conceive a boy in one cycle and a girl in another - as they put it ‘To get a boy, conceive in a boy phase and to get a girl conceive in a girl phase’.

Which is why Urobiologics invented the PreGender Preconception Test, that is now the industry’s gold standard.

So How Does It Work?

Before entering the PreGender Preconception testing program, the customer picks a proposed name of the planned baby. After testing two consecutive mid-cycle urine samples, Urobiologics will guide them in which cycle to conceive to get the baby they want. If she gets pregnant, she collects urine samples for there FirstGender Post-conception test and there’s 92% chance they will include the name of the baby in that report.  Of course, there is 8% chance of going opposite, but it is a great fun! If there’s no conception, she must skip the next cycle. They then continue emailing the customer appropriate conception plan in every proper cycle till she conceives, without any additional cost. No medication is suggested and nothing else is sold.

A couple can begin gender planning process by simply collecting urine samples for two consequent cycles as shown under PreGender test at and shipping at their own expense to us in Livonia MI USA.  After testing them, a full conception plan is then sent by email or discussed on phone as to in which cycle to conceive and how to conceive. No additional testing is needed for at least six months. Conception effort is done by couples themselves or through IUI / IVF.

To find out more about the modern way to plan the gender of your baby using the Pregender Conception Test contact Urobiologics at