Wife Surprises Disbelieving Husband With News She’s Pregnant After Years of Infertility (VIDEO)

Image via: babyology.com.au

Image via: babyology.com.au

There are basically only two brands of YouTube videos that are always adorable, no matter what: The first is videos of corgis jumping into water.

The second is surprise pregnancy announcements, and one woman just upped her announcement game when she told her husband she was pregnant after struggling with infertility for five years.

Yes, we KNOW. That story is ALREADY adorable, and you haven't even watched the video yet. But you can change that:

Infertility and impaired fertility together affect more than eight million women in the U.S., and it's rarely an easy battle to fight. To see one couple lucky enough to get pregnant naturally after fighting that fight is really, really beautiful.

And c'mon! Look at his face! They know how lucky they are, too. 

Okay, maybe they're not lucky enough to win that trip to Aruba, but hey. What's one trip to Aruba compared to a CHILD?

We bet she's thinking something along those lines too, because she can barely get her spiel out before the bigger and better news tumbles right out. 


We wish SO much luck to this couple during their pregnancy. Enjoy it! And Aruba? That'll be around in 40 years when you're retired, so enjoy it then.

How did you break the news to your spouse?