7 Perfect Valentine’s Gifts for Pregnant Women

couple in snow valentines.jpg

Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers — but it’s an exceptionally special day for pregnant women. And if your wife, partner or girlfriend is pregnant at this romantic time of the year, if she’s carrying your baby, the pressure is on to make this Valentine’s Day the most special one ever.

Deciding on the perfect Valentine’s gifts for pregnant women can be tough, so I’ve put together this handy little guide of 7 ideas you just can’t go wrong with.

1. A mother’s necklace. Jewelry is an old standard on Valentine’s Day, but this year, V-day is anything but ordinary. So if you want to get her jewelry, opt for something more special — like a mother’s necklace. You can find unique styles at one of my favorite sites, Etsy. Or you can go with more traditional choices at places like Kay Jewelers.

2. Spa day. Women love getting pampered. Pregnant women love it even more. Treat your expectant mama to a spa day, and she will totally feel the love. If you book the services for her, be sure to let the spa know that she is pregnant. With options like massage, manicures, pedicures, facials and even hair treatments, you can’t go wrong!

3. Coupon book. Get creative and show how much you love her by creating a hand-made coupon book! Coupons, you ask? Not like store coupons, silly. These should be coupons that she can cash-in at any time for things like “A Back Rub, by Yours Truly,” “Home-cooked Dinner by Me,” “Sunday Morning Sleep-In,” etc. This shows how well you know exactly what she wants when it comes to the little things.

4. Lingerie. Pregnant women are totally sexy. And even if your lady isn’t feeling so sexy right now, remind her that she is! Pregnancy can take a toll on some women’s self-esteem with the weight gain and the many other body changes. Shower her with praises of beauty and let her know you think she’s hot. My favorite maternity lingerie boutique is Hotmilk. Scared the lingerie idea could backfire on you? You could always play it safe with pajamas that are anything but frumpy, like these styles from Queen Bee.

5. Babymoon. Go big. Surprise her on Valentine’s Day with a babymoon. Book a weekend trip for the two of you to somewhere she’s always wanted to go — this might be your last chance in a long time to take this kind of trip!

6. Photo shoot. No woman wants to miss the opportunity for a pregnancy photo shoot! If she hasn’t already booked this, you will certainly wow her with your thoughtfulness. If your lady isn’t pregnant enough just yet for a photo shoot (aka, her belly isn’t huge yet), don’t worry! She’ll get there eventually. Buy the photo session, and you two can book it when she’s ready.

7. Clothing gift card. Under non-pregnant circumstances, I’d never suggest a gift card as a romantic Valentine’s gift. BUT, the rules change a bit with pregnancy. Picking out the right clothes is tough enough when you’re not pregnant. Don’t even risk picking out maternity clothes for your lady. Trust me, a gift card for maternity clothing (presented with flowers and her favorite chocolates, possibly over a romantic dinner), is a much safer way to go. And pregnant women never have enough maternity clothing! Popular maternity clothes shops include A Pea in a PodGap and Motherhood.