Welcome little Prince!


The big news going around the world this week was the much awaited birth of William and Kate’s little bundle of joy!  Even with so much attention on them the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to be enjoying this special moment in their lives just like any new parents.  Even though there are no details on how the actual labor and birth went, Kate is looking as radiant as ever and if there were any suggestions I could give her as an Acupuncture Physician they would be:

-Rest, rest, rest!  

No matter how easy or strenuous the labor and birth were, allowing the body to recover is very important.  Usually a rest period of 4 to 6 weeks is ideal for a new mom’s optimal recovery.

- Eat nourishing and warming food!

Following childbirth a woman’s digestive system is very vulnerable due to the large amount of blood loss.  Because of this deficiency it is very important to mainly eat warming food and stay away from raw cold meals.  Nourishing soups and stews rich in protein and dark leafy vegetables are ideal, and so are warm drinks such as ginger tea.  Staying hydrated will also help with breastfeeding and milk supply.

-Stay warm!

During the postpartum period the woman’s body is very open and vulnerable and her immune system is usually quite low.  For this reason it is very important to dress appropriately and to stay warm, especially all around the midsection:  the lower abdomen in the front and the lower back/kidney area in the back.

-Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are an excellent postpartum recovery treatment that can help to bring the woman’s body back to optimal balance and health.  

Regular postpartum treatments can help with the following symptoms:

*Tiredness and fatigue

*Postpartum depression

*Hormonal imbalances

*Persistent bleeding

*Lactation problems


*Abdominal pain

*Night sweats

As much as we take care of ourselves during pregnancy, postpartum is a crucial moment for new moms to rest and get good care.  I hope that Kate will sit back and treasure this time as a new mom and enjoy her little prince!