Kate Middleton's Last Days Of Pregnancy: Royal Baby Countdown Fever


She may have gone on maternity leave a month ago, but it’s almost impossible for Kate Middleton to avoid the spotlight—especially as she only has a few more days to go before heralleged July 13th due date.  Journalists camping out in tents at St. Mary’s Hospital in London for over a week have have had little to report thus far.  To entertain themselves, they few days that they’ve resorted to setting up their own betting pools on baby names, playing pranks, and even interviewing each other, according to the National Post. “I guess we’re here just in case she walks through the front doors. Which is very unlikely,” one freelance photographer told the newspaper.

Turns out, he’s right. Just yesterday, reports emerged that Middleton managed to go to the hospital for a stealth visit the other day. An intense security sweep prior to her arrival indicated to journalists and hospital workers alike that Kate may have been coming by, which was later confirmed by a patient telling E!News: “I was at the hospital with Kate Middleton! I was told it was a checkup.” (The palace did not confirm the account.) 

In the meantime, Us Weekly claims Kate’s been holed up at Kensington Palace waiting for the big moment, as royal business marches on. On Thursday, 

royal baby watch intersected with the 60 year anniversary celebration of Queen Elizabeth's coronation. 

Prince Charles, his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and other members of the royal family were on hand at Buckingham Palace for the event, but the Duchess and Prince William were notably absent. It's believed that Prince William is still stationed at Angsley, Wales, putting in some overtime training as a search-and-rescue pilot before he beings his paternity leave. According toE!News, a helicopter landed next to the couples house on Friday, where it will remain for Prince William to quickly get to the hospital—a 90-minute trip.

When he does arrive at St. Mary's Hospital, he can expect a hearty welcoming committee waiting outside to greet him.