Make Your Breasts Look Their Best



Large or small, perky or droopy, round or pointy — there are as many different kinds of breasts out there as there are women and mothers in the world. With so much diversity, there's no single solution for making your breasts look great. But our quick guide to no-nonsense "hacks" is chock-full of tips for bringing out the best in your breasts, regardless of what nature gave you. 

Check Your Bra

As Oprah taught us, an almost unbelievable number of women are walking around every day in the wrong-sized bras. If your breasts aren't looking their best in your favorite outfits, it may be time for a trip to the department store. Most experts recommend getting sized at least once a year because the size of a woman's breasts regularly fluctuates. By improving the way your breasts look, the right sized bra can even make you appear slimmer. Here are a few foolproof solutions to common bra complaints:

  • If your underwire pulls away from your chest wall, your cup size may be too small.
  • Similarly, if your breasts "overflow" out the top, sides, or bottom of your bra, it's probably a good idea to try a larger cup size.
  • On the other hand, if your cups gap or wrinkle, they may be too large.
  • If your straps dig into your shoulders, you may need to try a smaller band size. The band and straps should work together, so too-tight straps indicate that the band isn't pulling its own weight, so to speak.
  • If your breasts fall sideways instead of pointing forward, look for a seamed bra with extra reinforcement on the sides.

Perk Up Your Posture

"Stand up straight" may sound like old-timey advice, but it rings just as true today as it did 100 years ago. In fact, the benefits of good posture are so well-established that there was even a TED Lesson on the topic.

Keeping your back upright and straight, your shoulders relaxed, and your face forward (instead of tilted down) improves the function of many different areas of your body, including your lungs and muscles. Aesthetically, good posture keeps you looking slim and helps project your breasts forward, making them appear perky and nicely shaped.

Rethink Your Wardrobe

Although a well-fitted bra is the foundation of a great silhouette, your clothes also play a significant role in how your breasts appear. For example, if you're a well-endowed woman, you may wish to avoid tops with high necklines and ruffles or embellishments along the bustline. These features can actually make your breasts appear larger and saggier than they really are. Tailored, structured tops enhance your contours and make you appear better proportioned.

On the other hand, women with small busts often look their best when following the opposite guidelines — that is, choosing embellished tops, high necklines, and loose, flowy, or unstructured clothing. And waist-defining looks (like today's popular peplum tops) enhance curves and add sexy, feminine lines.

Contemplating Surgery

Although it may seem like an extreme option, breast enhancement surgery is the ultimate way to improve your breasts. Today's procedures create results that last longer than ever before, and the recovery process is usually less than a week or 2.  

According to the website of Dr. Eric Mariotti, it's relatively common for breast augmentation patients at his office near Walnut Creek, California, to combine their surgeries with breast lift for a completely revitalized bustline — one that's both larger and perkier. Today's silicone gel implants can last upwards of 15 years, and new incision techniques create smaller, more discreet scars for the most natural-looking results to date.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for enhancing your bust?