Mom Discovers What Sneaky Twins Are Up To When She Talks To Them On Baby Monitor (VIDEO)

By Tanvier Peart for The Stir CafeMom

Have you ever wondered what your child is thinking -- or doing, for that matter -- when you're not around? Vlogger Judy of ItsJudyTime knows all too well what happens when you catch twin tots staying up late.

Check this out. I dare you not to smile.

Baby Monitor talk

I rarely talk with the girls through the baby monitor. But when I do, this usually happens.

Posted by Itsjudytime on Friday, August 21, 2015

Within seconds of hearing their mother's voice, twins Miya and Keira assume the position as they pretend they're asleep.

Seriously, how adorable is this?!

Aside from kids being sneaky, it's pretty hilarious to think they could pull one over on mom. News flash, kids: Mom always know.