8 Tips For Moms To Have A Balanced Work And Family Life


Women are each day more independent and conquering their equality rights while being in the workforce. Careers matter to women and nowadays balancing the family and working life is a more common thing among women all over the world. The feminine gender is born to be strong: women bleed each month, deal with lots of different kinds of pain and emotion roller coasters, carry children in their womb, give birth and are irreplaceable mothers.

Even though they are born with multiple strong capacities, sometimes balancing the family and working life can be a task that demands a lot of phycological strength, and no human is perfect. For better management of both, here are 8 tips for all the strong mommy’s out there.

1.      Don’t feel guilty anytime

You are a woman and you deal with all the social responsibilities that come with the ‘package’ of being a woman. However, you are also a human being, with rights and duties. When you are working and investing in your career, you shouldn’t feel guilty for not being with your children. As a working mother, you are making possible for your kids to have better education and living conditions, that only money can afford.

One day, your child will recognize your effort and understand you gave her/him all the love you could, even while working. Also, you are not alone. If you have an active partner with the children’s education, you should be able to discuss and find the best ways to deal with this as a couple. As a single mother, you are also not alone. There are more mothers in the same situation as you and maybe you should go after them for some comfort.

2.      Quality and reliable childcare

In your network of friends and family, you should be able to get some advises for the best daycares, nannies or babysitters. Create a list of the criteria that is important to guarantee to your kids and take the time to visit the place you find suitable. Having people that have experience and quality when it comes to taking care of children should be a concern of yours while finding the best option.

3.      Turn the mornings easy to live

Don’t start the day on a frazzled note. Get organized the night before: pack kids’ lunch, prepare the clothes and take care of everyone’s personal hygiene. If you need to, prepare the children’s bags also the night before and place them right next to the exit door so you won’t forget it. Splitting tasks with your partner is important to the whole family has a role towards the common responsibilities. Not rushing leaving the house in the morning, allows you to start the day with a good mood and the right energy.

4.      Organize the family calendar

Find the families’ priorities. Make a calendar of bills, school activities, family events, birthdays and all you need to keep an organized mind. For instance, you can use Google calendars so the tasks will pop up and you won’t forget. You can also draw a calendar yourself and build a plan. Taking some time during Sundays to oversee the upcoming week is also something good you can do with your children or partner.

5.      Communicate clear with your employer

Before going to your employer, build a list of topics you need to discuss. If you need to make some proposals, make sure that you already know some other colleague who will be able to replace you, help you or just make your hours. Try to be as open and honest as possible. Be prepared to present alternative solutions. Moms seeking maternity leave should know how much time they can take and how much time they will be paid.

6.      Be available and connected during the day

Stay connected with your children even if you are not with them physically speaking. Highlight your presence even if you are not going to be somewhere. Leave kids a note or a lucky charm for some important date you will have to miss. Notice that something might happen, and someone need to contact you because of your children.

7.      Create special family time

Making time for your kids is essential. Teach them by doing and not speaking. Show them the love with words but mainly with actions. This is how you show your kids that they matter and that they can count on you. Family night board games or a special breakfast are options for more busy families. It doesn’t matter how less time you have; you need to create time to be with them.

8.      Make time for yourself and your partner

Remember to nurture your relationship with your partner and with yourself. Children take a lot of time of our lives, but people should also be generous enough to understand grown-up time is needed, either with the ones you love, either with yourself. Take time just for you and your loved one. Go on date nights or just enjoy a few days away from the normal life routine. Also, take time for yourself. To go to the hairdresser, do some sports or just watch a movie by yourself. Having children shouldn’t mean that all your spare time will go to them. To have a balanced life, you need a little bit of everything, and you can bet you and your family will be healthier if you follow these tips.