How I Found A Solution Online For My Post-Pregnancy Body Issues

By Rebecca Port 

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The Internet is a blessing for moms. It is full of uplifting stories, educational articles, and caring forums. The understanding online community of moms is there to support you as you experience the delights of motherhood, such as baby's first steps and the first day of school.

But, let's be real, motherhood isn't all about the afterglow. Sometimes you have to ask some tougher questions, like "How do I remove Sharpie from couch fabric?" and "What's a good group snack for kids with a peanut allergy?" and "How do I get my teen to come out of his bedroom?"

In my case, I turned to the Internet to learn what I could do about my post-baby tummy pooch. After my last of 3 pregnancies, I did my due diligence in the gym and am currently just 8 pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight. Unfortunately, my body thinks it would be funny if I just always looked like I was 4 months pregnant, complete with this sack of skin that I can apparently do nothing about on my own.

I lamented to some online friends about the pooch. Among the messages of "be thankful for the gifts your body gave you" and "learn to love yourself," groovymom83 spoke the truth I was looking for: "I got the works after my last kid: a mommy makeover. That took care of practically everything."

A mommy makeover, huh? While the term sounded familiar, I never really knew what this procedure actually was or what it fixed. Curious, I began searching for doctors in the Bay Area that might be able to explain the details behind a mommy makeover. According to San Jose plastic surgeon Dr. Vincent Lepore, a mommy makeover is actually a few separate procedures combined into one operation: a tummy tuck, a breast augmentation (with or without a breast lift), and liposuction. Intrigued by the thought of getting my pre-pregnancy belly and my pre-pregnancy breasts back with one operation, I began to look more seriously into this procedure.

An article published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® explains that there are several reasons more moms are relying on medical intervention after having kids, such as the current population being more interested in nutrition and fitness, as well as women being more concerned about retaining their youthful looks. Another reason discussed in the article is that women are putting off having children until later in life when their bodies are less able to "bounce back" after pregnancy.

This really gave me pause: Am I an old mom? Having my first at 31, I know I didn't feel or look old for a mom. With celebrities like Halle Berry and Eva Mendes having children into their 40s, I'm a spring chicken by comparison! However, when you consider that women enter their childbearing years in their teens, I can understand that biology may be more against us. While an early 20s mom may bounce back easily enough, my stomach and breasts are not so elastic.

This is where modern science steps in! For us moms who chose to wait a bit longer to have kids and paid for it with our pre-pregnancy contours, I eagerly welcome a little surgical help. The next step for me is to reach out to some plastic surgeons and begin planning. The website RealSelf has been a major help to me so far by connecting me with real past patients. I recommend you check it out if you're interested in any cosmetic treatment.

If you feel awesome and comfortable about your post-pregnancy body, then rock on, sister! But, I know for me and many other moms out there, choosing to have a mommy makeover will help us be more confident women who can live an active life and set a better example for our kids.