Mom Makes Masterpieces Out Of Her 2-Year-Old Daughter's Doodles

When toddlers draw, most parents compliment their creativity and then hang the artwork on the refrigerator (or, you know, surreptitiously trash it later that night). But one mom decided to take her daughter's creations to the next level.

Ruth Oosterman is an artist who has a 2-year-old daughter named Eve, and this summer, the two started collaborating to create gorgeous paintings. First, Eve takes a turn, making her little kid doodles. Then, Mom adds color and other finishing touches to turn each drawing into a full painting. The results are both creative and breathtaking.

Oosterman has posted time-lapse videos of the process on her blog, The Mischievous Mommy, as well as the before and after shots of Eve's drawings and their completed masterpieces. Still, the artist makes sure to retain her daughter's original touches.

The artist also relishes the opportunity to bond with her young daughter over a shared project. "The possibilities are endless and I LOVE being able to do this with her. " To date, you can only view this mother-daughter duo's work online, but fingers crossed that a gallery exhibition of their teamwork is coming soon.