6 Supportive Apps For Breastfeeding Moms


While breastfeeding may be the most natural of acts, it's not without challenges! Given that nursing tends to commence in the exhausting post-delivery new mom bleariness phase of parenting, new moms can use all the help they can get. Check out the following seven apps that support new moms and their hardworking breasts.

1. Baby Tracker: Nursing

Baby Tracker: Nursing ($5) makes it easy to keep track of all those little breastfeeding details — did I start on the right or left last time? How long did the baby nurse and at what time? — in one easy-to-access place, eliminating the need for scribbling notes on scraps of paper in the middle of the night. The one-click timer makes it easy to use with one hand, and it also logs information for multiple babies, perfect for mamas of twins!

2. Breastfeeding Management 

Breastfeeding Management ($2) was developed by the Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition to be a complete informational source for breastfeeding mothers, providing easy access to tons of helpful breastfeeding resources for new mothers.

3. Mommy's Milk

Mommy's Milk ($1) is another nursing app to help keep track of breastfeeding sessions — quantity, duration, which side was nursed on last, and more. There's also space to make additional notes about how each session went.

4. Baby Feeding Log

Baby Feeding Log (free) allows new parents to record all the basics for nursing, diapers, and sleeping in a simple user-friendly format.

5. The Nursing Log

The Nursing Log (free) is just what it says, an app that tracks length of nursing sessions, which side the baby nursed on, and has space for notes related to each nursing session. It's simple, but it work!

6. Milk Maid

Designed for pumping moms, the Milk Maid app ($3) keeps all of your data in one safe place. The app keeps track of how many ounces you have stored at home, how many you've pumped today, and how many are stored at daycare. And, if your curious about how today's pumping session compares to last week's — the app pulls together statistics for comparison.