Life Examples of What Not to Say to Moms Without Husbands

Regardless of how you came to be a mother, it’s the best, toughest job out there, and no matter what your parenting situation looks like, all moms who are trying their best deserve a high-five and a pat on the back.

Of course, not all moms get that affirmation -- especially the single, divorced, or otherwise unattached moms. For some reason, people think it's okay to say the rudest things to those of us moms who don’t have a man in the house. 

Anyway, you wouldn’t believe what people feel entitled to say to single moms. One I’ve encountered recently is being told I’m not a single mom -- I’m just a divorced mom. OK ... I’m not really sure if one is better than the other, but whatevs. We all have our own paths to follow and struggles to overcome. But you know people -- always sticking their noses in it.

CafeMom asked there community to find out what kinds of outlandish things real husband-less moms have heard that made their jaws drop on the ground and want to cover their children’s ears. The gall of judgey people!

Here are 25 real life examples of what not to say to single, divorced, or widowed moms.

  1. "Oh, so you get like half the week off when he's with his dad, right? That must be nice. (Not half the week, just Sundays.)" -- Adriana
  2. "Because his dad isn't around, people have asked how well I knew the guy ... hinting around to find out if it was a one-night stand situation. Wrong, I was married." -- quickbooksworm
  3. "A comment I've gotten is that I 'must be lonely.' I was too busy surviving and struggling to really notice I didn't have a man by my side." -- PandTsmomjuly
  4. "Have you thought about getting your tubes tied?" -- Anonymous
  5. "Someone told me, 'It's a shame you couldn't work it out even if it was just for the kids.'" -- April
  6. "Have you started dating yet? Will you re-marry? Did you try therapy? Did you exhaust all options before divorcing? Oh geez ... I've heard them all." -- Teri
  7. "People assumed that my life was exceedingly rough and I must’ve been wading in misery every day. After I processed my feelings about my failed marriage, I was happy ... truth is my life became much easier when I kicked my ex out." -- 1likeme
  8. "People would wish me a Happy Father's Day to imply that I was the mother and the father of my kids. It made me uncomfortable. I wasn't their father. I was a woman who chose to have kids by a man who wasn't yet ready to be a father." -- Brandyns87
  9. "People always tell me it would better to be with my daughter's father, despite his abusive ways." -- brittybby2010
  10. "As a widow and mother, I'd appreciate not being bundled in with divorcees." -- Elizabeth
  11. "I get annoyed when my kids have an issue that is normal for a young teen and people jump to blaming the divorce. Yes, there are negatives to divorce and is not the 'perfect' situation, but whose life is perfect?" -- mantyangel
  12. "People often think that I am always broke or that I struggle. I actually have a healthy savings account with no debt." -- Callaly
  13. "I just feel worse when they mention that they told me not to marry my husband. That they were always there for me but I just seemed to avoid them. I avoided them to keep the peace with my husband ... so he wouldn’t hit me." -- Anonymous
  14. "What I hate the most is people saying, 'He needs his father.' I completely agree with this statement, but he keeps lying about wanting to see him and never makes an effort to. What more can I do?" -- Reese2010727
  15. "It's been nine years since DH died. Two weeks to the day after he died, his aunt called to tell me that I was still young and there were plenty of other fish in the sea." -- Ginger0104
  16. "[When people ask about the father], I can answer one of two ways: 'Yes, I know who her father is, but we are better off without him,' or 'Evidently not. I thought he was one person, but come to find out he's not the man I thought he was.'" -- TXHulaMama
  17. "[People think] that my son is going to join a gang, do drugs, and commit suicide because ALL boys from single moms do that ..." -- Connorsmommy13
  18. "Most people think that I should get out more and do things without my kids. Really, there isn't lots to do in the town I live in, and I would much rather spend time with my kids anyway. I enjoy being around them." -- Tigrera
  19. "My jaw dropper especially when they were littler was, 'Do they have the same dad?' YES, especially since they LOOK so much alike but either way ... seriously, who asks that?" -- MamiJaAyla
  20. "[People assume] single mothers are lonely. I can't speak for all single mothers, but I can't wait to one day have a house all to myself. Career, kids, and friends keep me really busy so that when that time comes, I can definitely say I won't be lonely." -- Anonymous
  21. "People ask me often how I do it. My thinking is how can I not do it? I really don't remember someone asking me one day if I wanted to raise three kids alone. I hate it when people ask me that." -- MysticLove
  22. "I hate when people say how hard it must be to be a single parent, that they could never do it. I know they mean well, but it doesn't seem that hard to me because it is all I know ... they could do it if they had to. They would have to learn. They would have no other choice." -- pce68
  23. "I'm 25, single, with two kids, and I ALWAYS get asked, 'Do they have the same dad?' They do, but why is it OK to ask?" -- keriley1
  24. "People assume that I either hate my ex or I'm still crazy for him. We have a great relationship, and we agree on parenting before either of us makes a major decision. Shared custody is only ugly if the parents make it ugly." -- luvmygirls59
  25. "The worst comment I've gotten is, 'So how much of the child support do you put towards the child? You should use some on yourself.'" -- MysticIceWater

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