7 Fall Fashion Trends Moms Already Have Hiding in Their Closets

 Photo via: Visual Photos

Photo via: Visual Photos

By Adriana VelezCafe Mom

I have a love-hate relationship with seasonal trends. On the one hand, I really want to know what's hot and happening right now. On the other hand, updating my wardrobe is kinda-sorta-completely-not-at-all in my budget. Know what I mean? Especially at the beginning of the school year when we're all buying kids' clothes and supplies.

Fortunately, fashion recycles. What's old becomes new again. Chances are some of fall's style trends are already sitting in your closet, just waiting for a second life as your favorites. All you need are a few tricks for styling the clothes and accessories you already own so they look fresh again.


The lightweight fall parka is making a big comeback this fall. "Parkas can go from fall into winter just by adding a liner," says style expert and author of Frumpy to Foxy in 15 Minutes Flat and No Biggie Elycia Rubin. "I love wearing them with rolled-up sleeves over jeans and a T-shirt." A few other things Rubin says you can try with a parka are a miniskirt (really!) with tights or printed leggings and boots. 

Football T-Shirt

You know that football T-shirt you bought when your home team went to the Super Bowl and never wore again? Drag it out, because you can use it for this season's "athletic chic" trend. Rubin recommends wearing a football tee with jeans and heels -- yes, really! Or over a skirt (mini or knee-length). "It's all about mixing up masculine and feminine elements," she says. 

Chunky Sweater

Just about everyone has at least one cozy, oversized, chunky sweater. "Play with the slouchy vibe of the sweater," Rubin says. You can do this by layering it over a long-sleeved top or turtleneck and then rolling up the sleeves. 

Old Ripped Jeans

Old, ripped jeans are something we all have lying around. Rubin's suggestion is to do the masculine/feminine combo again. "Roll up the cuffs and wear them with high heels and a button-up. Or try them with sneakers and a blazer with the sleeves rolled up." 

Black Riding Boots

Tall black riding boots never go out of style -- and they'll look great with any of the other trending pieces in this list.


"The Sons of Anarchy motorcycle look is hot right now," Rubin says. So wear your plaid flannel with the sleeves rolled up over ripped jeans and motorcycle boots. 

Something Sangria

Sangria, a deep purplish-red, is the top color designers are using for women this fall. Don't obsess too much over getting this exact shade. It's kind of plum, kind of wine ... close enough. Wear it with neutrals, especially gray.