Should Kate Middleton Be A Breastfeeding Role Model?


Should Kate Middleton Be A Breastfeeding Role Model?

We all know the power of “celebrity” let alone the power of “celebrity” that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton can harness. With the birth of the little Princess came much speculation as to whether Kate has chosen to breastfeed. Kate opted for a natural (non-intervention, non-medicated) birth which she was applauded for, so it’s highly lightly that she has chosen to nurse. Just recently she was seen in public wearing a Seraphine nursing dress causing more discussion on the subject.

How fantastic would it be then, if she publicly announced that she does indeed breastfeed? No one is saying that she even has to do this publicly but by “lending her name” to such a simple, joyous and healthy act think how many other mammas would follow?

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Breastfeeding is one of the most important acts woman can do to drastically lower their risk of breast cancer; in fact 90 percent of breast cancers are brought about by lifestyle and environmental factors MORE SO than their family history or genetic predisposition.