DIY Halloween Costumes Made by Real Moms


Yes, store-bought costumes make life easier, but they can be awfully pricey for something they'll wear once. Plus, you run the risk of being the 10th Disney princess to knock on the neighbor's door. But don't stress: You can make a one-of-a-kind costume with a little prep time and a few supplies. The proof is in the costume photos our cool mommy readers sent in; revel in the cuteness and then find out how you can whip them up at home. 

Crafty mama: Gayle from Bellmore, New York, mom to Jared

Time to make: Five days, a few hours each day

Stuff you have: Ruler, scissors, glue gun, one mini pretzel, scissors, glue, long-sleeved black shirt and pants

Stuff you need: Black pillowcase, red paint pen, colored felt in orange, blue, green, red, purple, pink, and white, mini googly eyes, yellow plastic hat, yellow poster board, 2 large googly eyes

How to make it: Hold up the pillowcase to your child to figure out where to cut the arm and neck holes, and snip away. Use a pencil and ruler to sketch a maze and color it in with a red paint pen (Gayle used two coats).

Cut out quarter-sized circles from white felt and Pac-Man ghosts out of your colored felt. Use a hot glue gun to attach the mini googly eyes to the ghosts and then glue them, the dots, and the mini pretzel to the maze.

To make the hat: Cut out two Pac-Man faces from yellow poster board and glue googly eyes to each face with regular glue. Attach the faces to the front and the back of the hat with glue. Dress your child in black shirt and pants and you're set.

Lightbulb moment: "I wanted to make him a costume that he'd be comfortable in at school so that's why I used a pillowcase. He wore regular clothes underneath, and could just put on and take off the pillowcase during the day."