Wearing The Salt And Pepper Look

The famed salt and pepper look that so many Hollywood types wear

Just because you’re a dad, doesn’t mean you should settle for having your good looks taken away from you.

Raising a family and watching your children grow is the best joy any father can feel. Just knowing that as you’re getting older, you’re imparting wisdom onto them, and soon they will be independent human beings themselves. The part of growing old is the fact that silver shoot will begin to sprout from your hair. Just because you’re a dad, doesn’t mean you should settle for having your good looks taken away from you. When the white, gray and natural hair color mix, you get the famed salt and pepper look that so many Hollywood types wear. There’s a fine line which should be noted because although there’s nothing unattractive about your hair color fading, it’s how you keep it and incorporate your age into your style which does. So how best can you use your aging hair to look your best and remain a hot slice in the eyes of your wife too?

Keep your hair natural

It’s very tempting to dye your hair and maintain a healthy youthful look, but it's just not becoming of a man, to hide who he truly is. Better, you should learn to be at one with the graying hair. Not all your hair will discolor with age at the same time,e.g., Your sideburns will most likely be the first to start changing, but the hair on top will take more time. Therefore, learn to comb your hair in a way that blends in the different tones. With either sweeping back motions or having a different hair length altogether, you should play around with the contrasting conditions. Don’t dye your hair, because once it starts to wash off, it will do so unevenly, making your hair stand out for the wrong reasons.

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Boss the weathered look

Part of what women find attractive about the salt and pepper look is because usually, to compliment the aging hair, you can have a beard. A beard is a sign of masculinity and men who have life experience, show this by keeping their facial hair and allowing it to compliment their age. It's the weathered and rugged look that signifies seniority and as well as authority. It's not about having the young look of a clean shaven face anymore; you should be maintaining a certain level of beard without looking too old if you grow it out large. Look for the best beard trimmer, and preferably put the one which has the most levels of length to choose from should be top of the list. You can read the reviews and see how well other men who have used these products, like them or not.

Clear skin with cracks

Part of getting old is the fact that wrinkles will soon start to appear, especially around the eyes and cheeks. To make your aging look a little more refined, you should start to use moisturizers on top products which clear your skin or blemishes, spots, and blackheads. It’s great to have healthy-looking skin, while also wearing your cracks and wrinkles with pride as a sign of experience.

Don’t hide from your age because it’s going to catch up with you eventually. Rather, you should be wearing your new salt and pepper hair look with pride and honor. Not only is it a sign of life experience, but it's also masculine in a sort of back to basics way, which women are known to find attractive. 

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