Top Rated Wines Available In Sokolin Wines


In most wine producers, there have been many types of wine grapes.  Due to the variety of grapes, there are also varieties of wines which they could make.  The examples of white wines grapes include Riesling, gewürztraminer, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc. Aside from that, the types of red wine grapes include syrah, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and pinot noir.  These varieties have their distinction regarding their taste and food pairing combination.   

The top rated wines are considered to be the best seller wines.  The tastes of most people were passed especially to wine critics, enthusiasts, and drinkers.  Getting to know the top-rated wines gives you an idea on what the taster likes or not.  With that, the reading tasting notes are essential to see a body of work within a wine drink.   

Commonly, the wine spectators review scheme is within 95-100 as a classic which makes it a great wine.  90-94 as outstanding that means that a wine is superior in character and style. 85-89 is very good that serves as a wine with unique qualities. 80-84 as good which is solid or well-made wine.  75-79 as mediocre which Is drinkable wine that may have minor flaws. And lastly, 50-74 as not recommended.  The upcoming wines are rated to make it at top and thus available in Sokolin Wines.


2015 Ramey Chardonnay Rochioli Vineyard

It is originated from the country of the north coast, California, USA.  It is rated 97% with its wine scoring.  It only means that it is classic and thus, considered to be a great wine.  The wine is white.  Also, it is more crystalline, toasty, and salty together with beautiful orchard fruit.  It tastes like a great Montrachet.  It has a deep concentration, full body, vibrant acidity, and an excellent finish.   

The grape used in the wine is Chardonnay.   It is highly suggested to pair this with mushrooms.  The wine style is white, buttery and complex. It is the most beautiful white in the lineup of the varieties of Chardonnay Rochioli Vineyard.  It is a lovely wine with incorporating blocks from the nearby Allen Vineyard.  In totality, most of the grapes of this wine come from vines that are 20 years old and more already. 


2017 Luneau-Papin Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine Sur Lie Terre de Pierre

It is originated in the country of France which is white.  It is rated as 95% which means that it is classic; and thus, it makes it a great wine.  It is planted on volcanic soils which are extremely rare in Muscadet. After it is first launched, its tenth incarnation in 2017 is exceptional.  It is sophisticated and refined bouquet which offers a beautiful blend of breadfruit, and also, it has a touch of pear, complex leesy tones, and even more complex minerality, dried flowers, and a top note of ocean breeze.  Also, it has the most exceptional bottle of 2017 Muscadet. 

The wine is fresh, sweet, intense, tight, musky and oxide.  The grape blend it has is Melon de Bourgogne.  It is best with shellfish, crab, and lobster.  This is a white – green flinty wine style with an alcohol content of 12%.  The grapes used for the wine is coming from the parcel Butte de la Roche. 


2013 Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon

The growing season has evolved in the year 2013 in Napa Valley.  The wine was rated as 94% by Wine advocates.  It only means that it is an outstanding wine due to its superior character and style.  The grape blend of the wine is cabernet sauvignon.  It is suggested to pair the wine with beef and venison.  Its alcohol content ranges from 12 - 15%.  Further, the wine is creamy and smooth with mocha, vanilla, licorice notes, and dark berry.   

The wine is deep, opulent and red.  Upon opening, the wine has the vibrant scent of blackberry and dark cherry.   It is subtly layered with warm notes of vanilla.  The palate is bright, balanced, and explosive.  It is cassis at the center together with sweet tobacco and the flourishes of cocoa which provide continuous shifting points of interest and nuance.  It has soothed tannins which makes it lush yet structured.  The oak, fruit, and acidity are held in balance throughout the long and drawn-out finish.  



It is perfect to experience drinking and tasting wine with the highly rated wines in the market.  These top rated ones are suggested to be experienced by other people to witness how the wine serves them.  Getting along with the Sokolin Wine as a wine merchant, it surely gives you an exchange of good buy and a good seller.  Do not miss the chance to grab these bottles of wines in Sokolin Wine.   The elaboration as explained above will help you to take a glimpse of the wine you drink.