Pro Tips For Keeping A Toddler Entertained On A Road Trip


A lot of families go on road trips as an alternative to flying.  In addition to costing less than going on an airplane, it’s also a great way to create wonderful memories.  You can stop along the way at your own leisure and experience the magic of new places together as a family.

However, the magic can quickly fizzle when you throw a fussy toddler into the equation.  In case you didn’t know already, toddlers weren’t exactly created to sit in one place for a long time. A long drive with a little one is a recipe for tantrums and exhausted parents.

However, with enough planning and a lot of patience, you can survive the long journey.

Here are some of the best tips for keeping your toddler entertained on a road trip.

Bring Plenty Of Toys

The beautiful scenery won’t be enough alone to keep your little one distracted from being strapped in.  You should bring entertaining toys which are engaging.  Try to avoid toys with small pieces which will fall all over the back seat.
Ideally, you should rotate the toys so that you have a new one at least once an hour.  It will require some organization on your part. However, when the alternative is a screaming toddler, it’s worth the effort!

Pack Snacks

It doesn’t matter how many toys you’ve packed if your child is hungry.  Try to bring as many snacks as possible so that you don’t have to pull over every time. Make sure to pack food which won’t spoil in ambient temperature.  You should also consider foods which don’t stain or create a huge mess in your back seat.

Bring Music

What kind of a road trip would it be without tunes?? Kids love sing-alongs, so download a few of their favorite soundtracks.

In order to keep yourself from going crazy, you might want to consider alternating their music and yours. That way, everyone wins!

Bring a Tablet

If your road trip is particularly long, you should strongly consider bringing a tablet.  Gone are the days of needing to install a full movie system in your car if you want to play a movie for the kids.  It's as easy as handing them a tablet and pressing play.

In addition to being a great way to watch movies, you can also keep them entertained with games.

Sleepy Music

Naps are a crucial part of surviving a road trip with toddler passengers.  Bring along sleepy music to get them soothed to a nice needed nap.

If you’re lucky, your copilot will let you take a nap too!  In turn, you can do them the same favor by taking the next shift!