Key Bike Riding Tips To Help You Keep Safe While Traveling With Baby

Bicycle and baby

Bike riding can be a fantastic thing to do during holiday vacations. For instance, you can opt for cycling activities together with your babies. It can be a fun family activity that you and your baby will surely enjoy. However, your bike may become unstable and dangerous when you have a young passenger riding on it, thereby increasing your risks of accidents and injuries.  Keep in mind, taking your baby with you on a bike requires a heightened sense of safety for the both of you. Typically, there are essential bike riding tips that can help you keep safe while traveling with a baby.


Staying Safe On A Bike While Baby’s On Board

Traveling with a baby on a bike can be quite unsafe. But, there can be nothing which can stop you from taking a bike ride with your young ones. You just have to consider some safety precautions to ensure that you or the baby will not be hurt on your bike riding journey. Here’s what you need to learn on biking tips to stay safe on a bike while a baby is on board:


1.         Always think of safety first

When you’ve decided to go on a bike ride with your baby, it’s best to always think of your safety. Plan your bike tour properly by checking whether your bike is in excellent condition. Prepare helmets, appropriate clothes and get yourself informed of some road safety rules. Furthermore, you should make sure that everything you prepare can keep your baby safe as well.


2.         Make sure you travel light

Since you have a baby passenger on your bike, you should try to be more considerate of your travel preparations. For instance, you should ensure you travel light. Excessive luggage may put your lives in danger as you may find it hard to maneuver your bike on the road. The lighter the baggage you bring, the safer you are and your baby will be throughout your bike travel.


3.         Be alert to intersections and observe lane directions

Don’t be too reckless when riding a bike with a baby. Remember, the likelihood of accidents is higher considering you have a passenger on it. Try to be more vigilant at intersections and always maintain focus by following the proper road lanes.


4.         Be wary of some road hazards

 Slow down when you notice some road hazards on your way. Be on a lookout so you’ll stay safe and sound throughout your bike ride. Don’t make a compromise. Always take safety as your top priority not just for yourself, but for the baby passenger during the travel.


5.         Make use of front and rear lights

Using front and rear lights while riding a bike may be required by your state law, that’s why don’t forget to check the bike safety rules for the place where you reside. Take note that bike lights can help you stay visible from other vehicles on the roadways. That way, you’ll decrease the probability of getting injured in an accident.


Things To Prepare When Riding With A Baby On The Bike


Considering the guidelines below, you’ll reduce the threat of danger to you and your baby when riding a bike.

Here are the things you must prepare for a safe bike travel with your baby:

●       Be sure you’re good enough to carry your baby with you on a bike. It means you must be professional in bike riding to take a young child with you while traveling.

●       Be cautious when bringing a baby on a bike ride. It’s important to note that infants who are 12 months or younger should not be carried on a bicycle.

●       Try to avoid traveling in busy streets, and most importantly ride at a minimum speed.

●       If you ride with a baby, make sure you provide a rear-mounted seat or a child-trailer which must be safely attached over the rear wheel and secure a stable shoulder harness including a lap belt for support when the baby is sleeping.

●       Have your baby wear a lightweight infant bike helmet to minimize the impact of injuries in case of an accident.

●       Don’t forget to strap your baby on the bike seat using a durable harness.

●       Keep in mind that accidents and injuries may still occur when you carry a baby on your bike.

Following these strategies, you’ll be able to prevent any harmful situation from happening which may leave you and your family mentally, financially and physically broken.


Common Bike Injuries To Watch Out For

Accidents are one of the negative consequences of bike riding. It’s more complicated the moment you decide to take your young child with you during the travel. In these types of situations, the common action to do is to seek medical attention immediately. If you don’t want yourself and the baby to suffer harm during a bicycle ride, take note of the common injuries you should always watch out for:

●       Lower back pain

●       Impact injuries such as head injuries, broken bones, and strained muscles

●       Knee pain

●       Arm, hand, neck and shoulder pain

●       Foot pain

In most cases, knowing these bike-related injuries, you’ll be able to make the necessary efforts to be extra careful with bike activities.


Getting Legal Advice

As a parent, you’re expected to perform a reasonable duty of care for your kid anywhere you want to take them. Whether you’ll carry them on a bike or not, you should still be aware of the possible injuries both of you may sustain along your bicycle ride. If you or your child has been injured in a bike accident from a car accident for example, don’t ever hesitate to speak with a lawyer like the ones when you click here. In the end, it’s worth remembering that you should not take any risk if you’re afraid to face several long-term consequences.




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