Benefits Of Being A Work-From-Home Mom

Benefits Of Being A Work-From-Home Mom

Balancing your time with your family, your work and your income can be challenging, but working form home can change everything for the better. The benefits of working from home are many: when compared to onsite workers, telecommute and remote workers reported saving up to $4,000 a year, and 82% stated they felt less stress than working onsite. This makes remote work very interesting for mothers, who would rather spend that time, money and energy with the family. 

Remote work will change your life and boost your finances

Doing part or all of your work at home will save you money for many reasons. First, you will save in commuting expenses: gas, parking, transport tickets and other car-related expenses. Second, you will spend less on food, because you will cook at home and get all your drinks from your own kitchen. Third, your childcare costs will go down the hill. 

Commuting and working in a fixed office location also consumes extra hours of your day. If you want to spend more time with your children and your family, then working from home is what you need. However, being a work-from-home mom can also be chaotic if you don't set the boundaries and the rules from the beginning. Keep a separate space in your house as your home office, find a time of the day when you are most productive, and keep your working schedule organized so you don't fall behind - it's easy to get distracted!

Keep in contact with your community

Some say working from home is solitary, but nowadays there are many networks and groups you can join for support and contacts. Besides the connections you'll have made in your previous jobs, female freelancers and telecommuters often connect with each other through events and social networks. They exchange contacts, leads and advice on how to be a work-from-home mom. You can join their communities, offer what you have and receive valuable help. Staying connected with your community is one of the main benefits of working at any stage of your life. And in fact, once you've established a strong network of professional contacts, there's every reason why you can continue a successful remote career beyond traditional retirement age when your children are all grown-up. This will give you extra money to spoil your grandchildren with! 

Working from home can make everything better

Remote working has many advantages. You save up time, money and energy; you skip toxic work environments; you share more time with your kids; you manage your schedule and your breaks. Working from home lets you adapt your work to your needs and your timing. If you feel you could use more time at home and a bit more money, consider the possibility of switching to a telecommute or remote job.